Monday, 25 June 2018

Label Lover?

PAO labels

Following up on my post last week about sun-cream I thought I would write a little more about PAO labels.

PAO stands for Period After Opening and pops up on many cosmetic products in Europe.  A result of a European directive so you aren't going to see them on non-European packaging.

I do think they are a good idea, but I don't always abide by them and certainly don't get too stressed about them; an 'out of date' lipstick is less of a danger to me than an out of date egg! πŸ”
Rimmel lipstick, old english prints coaster, revlon Lip powder

Like a lot of you I enjoy buying makeup and often treat myself to new skincare products etc.  I do go through those stages when I think 'Enough!' I need to use up all my products before I add any more to my stockpile.  But I never deny myself for very long and the spending soon resumes.

Therefore if I were to follow the PAO labels to the letter (or should that be number) I would find myself throwing away a lot of half-used, sometimes barely touched products - and that simply ain't going to happen!

When I do take notice

If a product has an active ingredient or a lot of natural ingredients I do take more notice of the PAO label.  I tend to think rightly or wrongly that active means 'live' and things that live, die!

Natural products which are great tend to have fewer preservatives so may 'go off' sooner.

Sun Cream: I  always buy new sun cream every year as I want the sun protection to still work.  My current Heilocare 360 SPF50 has a PAO label of 9 months, but I use this on my face every day, so I'll be on another tube before the 9 months is up.

And when I don't...

Make-up, this is when I take little or no notice.  I try not to be in a make-up rut but am sure some of my eyeshadows must be coming up to at least 10 years old!  If I were a professional make-up artist I would take more notice, however I don't share my products and only ever use them on me, but I do keep my makeup brushes scrupulously clean.

PAO labels in action

Two recent buys in the last month have been a Rimmel Lipstick 'moisture renew' 126 Pink Lane, £6.49 which I purchased as it has 'ta-dah' added SPF.
Revlon Lip Powder, Rimmel lipstick
Rimmel Lipstick

The PAO label says 30M, 30 months aka 2 and a half years.  I really like the colour, texture and feel of this one.  It might be all used up in 30 months, maybe not; either way, it's a keeper.

Revlon Lip Powder, 102 Peach Pucker, £8.99. I can barely read the PAO label on this one but it says 24M.  I am sure that this will last way beyond then. Not sure what could go wrong with lip powder?

The colours are really pretty, I need to play around a bit more with them.  The gold is my favourite so far.
Revlon Lip Powder, Rimmel lipstick

PAO labels - you know they exist now, but whether you actually care?  That is down to you, Beautiful.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

12 months of Sun Protection πŸ—“

Do you check your cosmetic labels?

I expect you are pretty good at checking the Best Before/Use by Dates on food but do you know that your cosmetics can expire too and many products have a label telling you when by?

Period After Opening (PAO)

That's what the symbol is called that you may find on many of your cosmetics products.

If there, the symbol will contain a number and the letter 'M' which stands for month.  Therefore 12M equals 12 months.  Which actually means once opened the product is good for 12 months and after that, you should, ideally, stop using it...
12 months PAO label

For this to work of course you have to remember when you first opened the product!  For me sun-tan lotion is pretty easy to remember - it was last year.

Which leads me to always buy a new tube of sun-tan lotion annually.  And for Summer 2018 it has been Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50.

But you don't sunbathe?

I always protect my face every day with SPF 50 and I don't go on holiday wanting or aiming to get a tan, but I also don't want to avoid the sun, and definitely never want to burn.  Hence I do buy and apply sun-tan lotion.

Vichy Ideal Soleil

Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50
Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50
This is a big tube, 300ml, and I doubt I will use it all (PAO label is 12m).  I purchased it because:

  • it was on offer (£14 rrp £19);
  • it is a good brand;
  • it is SPF50, UVA and UVB;
  • it says 'Fresh Hydrating Milk' on the label.

Reading the ingredients also told me it contains titanium dioxide which means it is a mineral rather than a chemical suncream.

It is a good product and it does the job - been on holiday came back the same colour as when I left πŸ‘.  But I am disappointed by the description on the label calling it "milk"...

It isn't a milky texture, it's a cream.  It is easily absorbed and doesn't feel too greasy, however, it does make my skin feel just a tad sticky which wasn't what I hoped for.
Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50

I will carry on using it for this year but I wouldn't buy it again, due to its lack of promise on its consistency.  It will be thrown away (in the recycling) at the end of its 12 month period, just as the label dictates.

If you want to know more about PAO labels click HERE.



Monday, 11 June 2018

Happy Birthday 2 me πŸŽ‚

I'm Two!

I started my blog in 2016 and here I am happily still reviewing products, taking photographs and posting weekly - time flies. (To read my Happy 1st Birthday post, please click here)
When I started blogging I had just the idea of a 'Beauty Blog' - which is a pretty vast subject.

Whilst I do describe myself as a Beauty Blogger I feel that BeautyBoo44 has morphed and found it's 'niche' as a skincare blog, aimed at preventative skin care and ageing well.

In case you don't already know my skincare pet subjects are:
  • Collagen
  • Sun Protection
You will find plenty of posts about these all over the blog - you can use the labels in the side bar to find them.

What to blog about?

Someone recently asked me - "How do I know what to write about?"
An easy to answer quesion.  I blog about what I'm currently interested in or super excited about. Which is why for example recent posts have started to appear about 'Hormonal Skincare' 😜 (it's my age)!

Non Beauty posts

A significant change for me in the last 12 months is I have 'cleaned up' my diet - and in doing so lost... around 30lbs.

Whilst I can't say I am a fully fledged member of the Clean Eating movment I am eating soooo much less processed food and more or less cut out refined sugars - yep, that's sweets, chocolate and even birthday cake!

Therefore you will find the occasional healthy receipe cropping up under Lifestyle.

All Posts

Whatever my posts are about they are always going to be beauty related, written by me and giving my personal opinon.  I will also continue to take the photos and provide the props!

So it's "Happy Birthday to me" and "Thank You" for reading.

I plan to continue to post every Monday and I hope that you continue to enjoy reading.
Thank you πŸ™


Monday, 4 June 2018

Getting older? 'Doughnut' Worry! 🍩

Hormonal Skincare

I'm 50, and I honestly don't think I have a hang-up about my age.  However, if like me you are a little older than you were (!) you may have been privy to some negative age comments e.g. things going downhill after a 'certain age' πŸ˜±

So far, I haven't woken up one morning to find my arse on the floor or my boobs at my waist!! But, I have noticed subtle changes in the firmness of my skin, thickness and definitely some skin laxity aka sagging.

In part it is gravity, in part it is time and of course, age and hormones (blah blah blah) come into it.

The Years Ahead

I am all for prevention which is why:

  • I have applied sun cream to my face since I was 16 (daily);
  • Gave up smoking in my 30's (completely);
  • Alcohol in my 40's (virtually);
  • Sugar (refined) in my 50's.

Recently I've been reading up on skincare for the menopausal, or in my case, nearly menopausal woman.

Everything points to my concern that declining hormones are likely to affect my skin and not in a good way.

All this reading led me to learn about Genistein.  Obtained from Soya beans and said to fight the signs of ageing; by stimulating collagen production and therefore helping with skin texture, firmness etc. πŸ‘

I've never used a product containing Genistein before.  There are a number of products out there but many with a pretty hefty price tag  - some at three figures! £££

Flavonex cream

As you may already know I love a foreign pharmacy.  My idea of holiday heaven shopping is an afternoon browsing the isles of any non-UK chemist.

Whilst I can't be on holiday all of the time, I can be online most of it and am often found browsing one of my favourite 'pharmacy' websites

This is where I found and purchased  πŸ› Flavonex anti-sagging, firming cream 200ml at about £20.

Made by a company called Auriga it contains my sought for ingredient Genistein.

The instruction with Flavonex (I purchased the 200ml pump dispenser) comes with a precaution - "If you have a history of breast cancer, seek your doctor's advice".

I'm avoiding applying this to my breasts.  It goes on my stomach and tops of my arms, and then a quick swoosh up my neck.

Has it worked?  I'm not expecting a miracle, I don't expect to see any difference now.  What I am hoping for is prevention, to stop, or at least delay any sagging that may be inevitable as time goes by.

I hope that I won't be agreeing, or joining in with the, "and then you get to 50 and everything starts to drop" brigade anytime soon.

Watch this space!


If you have any #StopTheDrop tips you would like to share - please leave me a comment below.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading πŸ’‹

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