Monday, 26 March 2018

Doctors orders - Skinade*

Let's get back to Great Skin

You know me and my love of the squidgy stuff - collagen that is.  It's what makes our skin soft and smooth but also firm and when you're young you just take it for granted.

Slowly yet inevitably your collagen starts to decline (from about 25) but you don't really notice for a while and then suddenly one day you do!! 😱

The first sign for me wasn't fine lines (but they are part of it) but my skin looked flat, dull and *sigh* starting to sag a bit.

Fortunately modern science is moving on and with a good skin care regime, wearing an SPF (every day) not smoking and trying to eat healthily (most of time πŸ˜‰) we are all looking better for longer.

Say 'cheers' to skinade

I am a real advocate of getting collagen into me, and I have tried Skinade before and really rate it.

In case you don't already know it's a daily collagen drink (containing marine 🐟 collagen) that not only tastes great but it works.

Recently whilst visiting the rather wonderful Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning we got on the subject of skin laxity and the causes which in the main is down to a reduction in collagen and how Skinade can help...


Now I'm no Doctor but I do spend way too much time looking at my face and as I've got older I know it is no longer a case of 'mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?' - (really ? as IF it ever was!!)

You see, I'm in my fifties and do (begrudgingly) accept I can't have my 25 year old skin back, but I am determined to do the best I can for it and this where Skinade comes to my aid.

I've taken 'breaks' from Skinade in the past but always when I start taking it again I think, 'Why did I stop?'

With most things in life cost is a factor.  A 30 day supply is £105 which works out at £3.50 a day which really isn't that much for younger skin but is quite an initial outlay.

But you get more than just collagen for your money...   Skinade also contains a vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9 & B12) plus vitamin C and fatty acids omega 3 & 6.

Plus - if you buy a 90 day course from Dr Aarti's webpage you get a discount  - click here

How to take

It's a drink so you simply drink it!

Each daily bottle is pre mixed and tastes lovely - fruity.  I take mine first thing in the morning replacing my breakfast coffee.   I used to take it first thing in the morning with my coffee - but this isn't good advice.

Skinade advise to avoid caffeine an hour before and after drinking it as caffeine can hinder the absorption of the collagen.

What I now do is take a home made coffee to work to replace the Costa I use to buy first thing in the morning, which is saving me £2.50 a day

For those of you on the go there is also a travel pack (which you mix with water) which is hand luggage friendly ✈️

Benefits all over

Taking Skinade will improve all of your skin πŸ˜€
It isn't just the skin on your face that will get a collagen boost but also your neck, arms, bust etc - you will definitely become a lot more stroke-able.

Another happy side effect I find is the condition of my hair and nails improves.

If you would like to try Skinade or want more information on ageing well (and science stuff) please visit Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning's website -
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Monday, 19 March 2018

in my late 20's - Invisalign update #4

I'm falling apart!! πŸ˜†

Here is an update I wasn't expecting to to write - my tooth's fallen out!

That's not good is it? 

OK so I have exaggerated a little, let me explain...

My front two teeth are crowned and each of the teeth either side are veneers.  This work was done about 17 years ago.

My orthodontist did warn me that Invisalign might add 'stress' on my crowns and veneers which could mean they might came out.  However I am not convinced that the loss was down to that, as other factors were at play...

Do you Floss?

Flossing is the boss when it comes to taking care of your teeth (and gums).

I use Glide From Crest Dental Floss  a dental tape and floss every day, which I actually enjoy.  Invisalign has made it so much easier to do this as my teeth are moving so the gaps between my teeth have widened (in a good way).

Pre Invisalign flossing wasn't so good so I used a Phillips Airfloss - it's a great tool if you don't like to floss.

The Airfloss squirts a fine high pressure jet of water (or mouthwash) between your teeth.  Due to the design of the head/tip you can precisely aim and fire - so you get in all the gaps to blast out whatever is there.

Keep you finger on the trigger and it produces an even blast at regular intervals - so no squirting water up your nose or in your eye.  As I said as great device - until it breaks down :(
My Airfloss was about 4 years old when it died.  

The Airfloss didn't have a lot of competition when I originally purchased it, but there are quite a few similar devices now on the market.  Whilst I thought I wanted to buy another device* I didn't want to  spend as much second time round.  

After reading a number of reviews on Amazon I purchased a YOHOOLYO Water Flosser at £29.99 it is half the price of the Philips device.

I liked the price and the look of this device.  It is quite large but not too big for the bathroom shelf and seemed to have a few features.

After charging for 3 hours I used it for the first (and last) time.  It gets through a lot of water and makes for quite a wet and messy time, but I expect with practice that would get better.  

The water jet itself was continuous as opposed to the regular pulse of the airfloss, but I didn't think it felt as powerful and it was definitely not as easy to aim.  

I went round my teeth a few times and then when I was just starting to think I would stop, I felt it - off came my front veneer...

Luckily for me I realised straight away and the tap was not running, so after a lot of faffing I managed to retrieve my veneer from the bottle trap - that tiny piece of porcelain costs about £300 so well worth the effort.  

Needless to say the YOHOOLYO flosser was packed up and returned to Amazon who have refunded me.  My dentist charged me £20 to stick the veneer back on so no harm done.

I was worried at first that the Invisalign tray would not go back in but my dentist advised me to put it straight back in as it meant the veneer was cemented in to the correct place.

All this was a week ago, at first I was very worried about taking the Invisalign trays in and out but now I have got used to it again.

Before I even started using Invisalign I had started saving up as I know my crowns and veneers will need replacing.  Like any 'cosmetic' work they don't last forever.

This is my first problem with Invisalign, and I'm not even sure it was, plus it's Monday so change over day which is 'Hello' tray Number 28 and only... 15 trays (and that equals weeks) to go.


*πŸ€”Would I buy another flosser?  If I did it would be a Phillips Airflows but for now I will continue with manual flossing

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Monday, 12 March 2018

Real coffee and I'm on the go! ☕️

C-O-f-f-e-e coffee and apple on moomin tray

Like a lot of you I seem to be powered by coffee, although I have really cut back on my caffeine habit and only try to drink de-caff after 2pm.

I used to think I was immune to the effects of caffeine until I started to drink decent coffee at home via my Nespresso machine.  

Coffee - how do you take yours?

There is nothing fancy about me! No lattes, cappuccinos or flat whites here.  I take my coffee black with a splash of skimmed milk, an americano with skinny milk, if I am ordering one at the counter.

Out and about

I recently purchased a Wacaco nanopress to help fill a hole in my coffee habit.  

It is going to fill that hotel room void where you have a kettle but sachets of instant coffee.   You see my Nespresso machine has turned me into a coffee snob!!


The original Wacaco nanopress is designed to make an expresso from ground coffee but they also have an adapter that can take Nespresso style pods (any Nespresso style of pod).

I purchased my machine from Bear & Bear in a bundle which comprised of:
  • Wacaco nanopress machine
  • Carry case
  • Nespresso pod adapter

It takes a bit of work

If you have a Nespresso machine you will know how simple it is to use - pod in, press start - you have coffee πŸ˜ƒ☕️

The nanopress is totally manual, no plugs, no batteries.  It's easy to use, and if you are dedicated to a decent drink it's worth the effort.  This is how it goes:
  • Fill the water tank with boiling water, screw it on.
  • Put a pod into the adapter, screw that on.
  • Unlock the piston
  • Pump out the coffee (if you've ever used an old fashioned bicycle pump you will know the action)
The first 10 pumps are a breeze, after these the coffee starts to dispense and requires a little (but not supreme) effort.  You have used up all the water when the coffee stops coming.

One go will be enough for an expresso but as I like a bigger drink, I refill the water tank again (keep the pod in) and re-pump.  Then just add more hot water and a splash of milk.
Wacaco nanopress

Drink up

What I really like about the nanopress is I know what I am going to get, as it tastes exactly the same as the coffee at home.

After use you should clean the machine which could be a bit of a faff if you were using ground coffee but because I use a pod there is hardly any mess.

One downside for me is the carry case. It only fits the machine with the ground coffee adapter so it is not big enough for the nespresso one.  So I have to carry that separately (it does come with a little pouch).
Wacaco nanopress
Waco nanopress adapter

As I've said this will be coming away with me to hotels and self catering holidays - where I have a kettle.  Remember this machine does not boil the water.

Decent coffee, like putting on SPF, it's a daily essential for me.


Thanks for reading, if you have any comments please let me know, I'll get back to you as soon as I've finished my cuppa!


Monday, 5 March 2018

Aequill Orange & Ylang Ylang Candle*

and... relax

I love lighting candles at any time of the day to not only fill my home with dreamy fragrances but also to help me relax. Plus who doesn't love the look of (or look better in) candle light? ❤️πŸ•―

I'm also really into my essential oils and one of my favourite is ylang ylang.  So it was a very easy choice for me to make when asked if I would like to try one of the hand poured scented candles from aequill - Orange & Ylang Ylang, yes please and thank you.

Aequill candles are made by hand with real care and it shows.  The box it arrived in is simple and stylish and finished with a cream seal on the front featuring the aequill  'A' logo.

Each candle is hand poured into a glass jar which has a really thick and sturdy bottom.  I can be a bit obsessive about candles and coasters - i.e. I don't want the table top getting hot.  The bottom of these candles is so thick I can forget my coaster 'rule' (how liberating!).

The burn time for the 100g candle (my one) is about 16 hours, it's 40 hours for the 200g size.

The way the candle burns is really good.  What do I mean by this - well the flame is really steady it doesn't judder like some candles, just a very gentle serene flicker and no smoke.

Another benefit of a steady burn is when the wax in the candle melts, it melts evenly.  This means the top of the candle stays horizontal, not lop sided, it shouldn't  matter but it does and it looks neater.

Along with the candle came a card with the following quote:

People who wonder whether the glass is half full or half empty miss the point, the glass is refillable.

At first I thought this was purely an inspirational quote, however on the reverse of the card it explains more.  You can return the candle and aequill will refill it and knock 20% off the price πŸ’°πŸŒ

Orange & Ylang Ylang

Now back to my candle and the scent.  Unfortunately there isn't an App yet to enable you to scratch and sniff this post to release the fragrance!  So I shall try my best to describe it.

General terms like spa like, relaxing, soothing all apply. It contains orange and I am pretty confident you know what they smell like.

Personally I wouldn't give the overall description of the fragrance as citrus as the Ylang Ylang gives it a more grown up, warm and sophisticated feel and smell.

It's not overly feminine or flowery so should appeal to both him and her.

It would make a lovely gift for mum, sister, partner etc or of course to the most important person and that's you. 😊

You can discover more about aequill and it's creator Jintana, who signs the bottom of each candle (nice touch) at


PS Oranges are not the only fruit!! Other fragranced candles (and reed diffusers) in the aequill range include:

*post includes a PR sample
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