Monday, 16 July 2018

Ingrowing hairs? call the Skin Doctors *

Ingrow Go by Skin Doctors

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go
Summer skin, whether you like to get a tan, fake it (safer) or just get your legs out, it needs to be smooth and that often means shaving or waxing.

If you suffer from ingrowing hairs or 'razor bumps' hair removal is not doing you any favours - but once you've started would you really dare to go natural?  Each to their own, but for me, however hairy legs and armpits are not an option (although I am not immune to a few prickles! 🌡)

The problem with ingrowing hairs starts when you remove the hair and then it starts to grow the wrong way.  Growing the wrong way means the hair can start to grow round the follicle and then it finds it hard to get out from under your skin, (curly hair is rather prone to this).

To get over the problem you need to give those hairs an easy exit and that is where Ingrow Go by Skin Doctors is your new best friend.
Skin Doctors Ingrow Go CDN 7 day polish jellied Old English prints coaster

Simply put it is a powerful exfoliator that will whisk away the dead skin cells and therefore allow the hairs an easy escape route.  And just as they pop up to the surface you can attack them again with your razor!!

No fuss application

Hair removal is a bit of a faff, often messy, sometimes painful and more often than not a chore.

Ingrow go, however is super simple to use πŸ‘ Just apply it via a cotton wool pad directly to your skin.
Skin Doctors Ingrow Go CND 7 day polish candied

It smells quite strong and 'medical', the first ingredient is alcohol, (the smell doesn't linger on application).  Bear in mind as there is alcohol, don't apply it to broken skin, sunburnt skin or immediately after hair removal (😑 ouch)

The instructions say do a skin patch test and wait 24 hours - which is very good advice.... personally I didn't bother as I know my skin is pretty tough...
Skin Doctors Ingrow Go instructions

You can use this a couple of days after hair removal on areas that are prone to razor bumps and/or ingrowing hairs.

Or as I did a few days before hair removal as a preventative measure and to ensure your skin is super smooth and exfoliated.  Exfoliated skin means brighter skin, which in turns looks more touchable...

Fine to use (after that recommended patch test) on legs, bikini line, underarms.  Also OK for beards.

PS Good to know:
  • Made in the UK
  • Period After Opening - 12 months
  • 120ml bottle rrp £12.99 also available as a spray

*post includes a PR sample & affiliated links


Monday, 9 July 2018

Mavadry - this works πŸ’…πŸ»

Mavala Mavadry

I am a big fan of the Swiss nailcare brand Mavala, and I try to ensure my manicure set is never without a bottle of Mavadry.
Mavadry, Handcream, burts bees, pusheen

I recently made another re-purchase of Mavadry from for £7.95.

Whilst I try and plan my nail painting for a sensible time, real life always gets in the way and something needs picking up, prodding or scratching!  Who really has time to w-a-i-t for their nails to dry?

On the rare occasions when I find my bottle of Mavadry has run out I quickly remember how frustrating it is waiting for things to dry, and more often than not I end up with a bodged paint job. πŸ™

Easy top coat

Hurray for Mavadry!
Mavadry, burts bees, pusheenMavadry

It's super simple to use; paint your nails, wait one minute and then apply as a final top coat.  It's pink in the bottle but colourless when applied.

As well as making your nails touch dry in about a minute it also makes them super glossy and helps prevent polish chipping.  I tend to find my manicure is totally acceptable for at least 6 days with this.

I can't rate this stuff enough, I pray it never becomes discontinued.  However, Mavala has been in the nail beauty business for over 50 years so (beautifully manicured fingers crossed) I hope it's future is secure.
Mavadry, pusheen

If you paint your nails and don't want your hard work to be wasted YOU need this.


Good to know:
10ml bottle - which tends to last me about 6 months
PAO label - Period After Opening = 24 months


Monday, 2 July 2018

Protect your pout * πŸ’‹

Curious thing.  I used to work with a lady who wore a stick of Lypsyl round her neck.  It was the original Lypsyl in a dark blue tube, hung around her neck in a pouch that she had made for it.

I guess she felt she couldn't be without it...

Fast forward 30 years or so and I'm with her on the can't do without it thing.  However, I prefer to keep mine in my makeup bag or pocket.
Lypsyl SPF 50 sun protect


It's been around (established 1891) and (back in the day) if you were talking about chapped lips then you didn't say lip balm you said Lypsyl (a bit like Hoover when you really should say vacuum).

Lypsyl still make their original product but have introduced a few more options in their lip care range.

Along with balm in sticks, they also do cute mirror compacts and cold sore gel when things get a bit more serious.

Their sticks come in:
  • Original;
  • Strawberry & Pomegranate;
  • Coconut & Almond;
  • Cherry & Almond;
  • Cucumber & Aloe.
All of the above are SPF 15πŸ‘
But, they also make an SPF50 stick with Vanilla - SPF Sun Protect (and that's the one I've got).
Lypsyl SPF 50 sun protect
Lypsyl SPF 50 sun protect

SPF Sun Protection

Skin, hair, face, body, lips all need protection from the sun.

Sun damage attacks collagen, and you need and want collagen to keep skin soft, plump and... kissable.
Lypsyl SPF 50 sun protect

Lypsyl Sun Protect (£4.99) offers SPF50 sun protection against UVA (A for ageing) and UVB (B burning) rays.  It also contains Aloe Vera to sooth which you will appreciate if the sun has dried you out a bit, and Vitamin E which is an antioxidant.

It is lovely and soft to apply thanks to the added shea and cocoa butters.  Gently and naturally scented with vanilla.

If you want to protect your lips against dryness, ageing and burning (ouch)  - get yourself some Lypsl and keep it handy.

Where to keep it? That's down to you...!


PS good to know:
  • Period after opening (PAO), 12 months
  • Water resistant 
  • Safe for children over 3
  • Does not contain preservatives or artificial colours
  • Dermatologically tested
*Post includes a PR sample and affiliated links


Monday, 25 June 2018

Label Lover?

PAO labels

Following up on my post last week about sun-cream I thought I would write a little more about PAO labels.

PAO stands for Period After Opening and pops up on many cosmetic products in Europe.  A result of a European directive so you aren't going to see them on non-European packaging.

I do think they are a good idea, but I don't always abide by them and certainly don't get too stressed about them; an 'out of date' lipstick is less of a danger to me than an out of date egg! πŸ”
Rimmel lipstick, old english prints coaster, revlon Lip powder

Like a lot of you I enjoy buying makeup and often treat myself to new skincare products etc.  I do go through those stages when I think 'Enough!' I need to use up all my products before I add any more to my stockpile.  But I never deny myself for very long and the spending soon resumes.

Therefore if I were to follow the PAO labels to the letter (or should that be number) I would find myself throwing away a lot of half-used, sometimes barely touched products - and that simply ain't going to happen!

When I do take notice

If a product has an active ingredient or a lot of natural ingredients I do take more notice of the PAO label.  I tend to think rightly or wrongly that active means 'live' and things that live, die!

Natural products which are great tend to have fewer preservatives so may 'go off' sooner.

Sun Cream: I  always buy new sun cream every year as I want the sun protection to still work.  My current Heilocare 360 SPF50 has a PAO label of 9 months, but I use this on my face every day, so I'll be on another tube before the 9 months is up.

And when I don't...

Make-up, this is when I take little or no notice.  I try not to be in a make-up rut but am sure some of my eyeshadows must be coming up to at least 10 years old!  If I were a professional make-up artist I would take more notice, however I don't share my products and only ever use them on me, but I do keep my makeup brushes scrupulously clean.

PAO labels in action

Two recent buys in the last month have been a Rimmel Lipstick 'moisture renew' 126 Pink Lane, £6.49 which I purchased as it has 'ta-dah' added SPF.
Revlon Lip Powder, Rimmel lipstick
Rimmel Lipstick

The PAO label says 30M, 30 months aka 2 and a half years.  I really like the colour, texture and feel of this one.  It might be all used up in 30 months, maybe not; either way, it's a keeper.

Revlon Lip Powder, 102 Peach Pucker, £8.99. I can barely read the PAO label on this one but it says 24M.  I am sure that this will last way beyond then. Not sure what could go wrong with lip powder?

The colours are really pretty, I need to play around a bit more with them.  The gold is my favourite so far.
Revlon Lip Powder, Rimmel lipstick

PAO labels - you know they exist now, but whether you actually care?  That is down to you, Beautiful.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

12 months of Sun Protection πŸ—“

Do you check your cosmetic labels?

I expect you are pretty good at checking the Best Before/Use by Dates on food but do you know that your cosmetics can expire too and many products have a label telling you when by?

Period After Opening (PAO)

That's what the symbol is called that you may find on many of your cosmetics products.

If there, the symbol will contain a number and the letter 'M' which stands for month.  Therefore 12M equals 12 months.  Which actually means once opened the product is good for 12 months and after that, you should, ideally, stop using it...
12 months PAO label

For this to work of course you have to remember when you first opened the product!  For me sun-tan lotion is pretty easy to remember - it was last year.

Which leads me to always buy a new tube of sun-tan lotion annually.  And for Summer 2018 it has been Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50.

But you don't sunbathe?

I always protect my face every day with SPF 50 and I don't go on holiday wanting or aiming to get a tan, but I also don't want to avoid the sun, and definitely never want to burn.  Hence I do buy and apply sun-tan lotion.

Vichy Ideal Soleil

Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50
Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50
This is a big tube, 300ml, and I doubt I will use it all (PAO label is 12m).  I purchased it because:

  • it was on offer (£14 rrp £19);
  • it is a good brand;
  • it is SPF50, UVA and UVB;
  • it says 'Fresh Hydrating Milk' on the label.

Reading the ingredients also told me it contains titanium dioxide which means it is a mineral rather than a chemical suncream.

It is a good product and it does the job - been on holiday came back the same colour as when I left πŸ‘.  But I am disappointed by the description on the label calling it "milk"...

It isn't a milky texture, it's a cream.  It is easily absorbed and doesn't feel too greasy, however, it does make my skin feel just a tad sticky which wasn't what I hoped for.
Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50

I will carry on using it for this year but I wouldn't buy it again, due to its lack of promise on its consistency.  It will be thrown away (in the recycling) at the end of its 12 month period, just as the label dictates.

If you want to know more about PAO labels click HERE.



Monday, 11 June 2018

Happy Birthday 2 me πŸŽ‚

I'm Two!

I started my blog in 2016 and here I am happily still reviewing products, taking photographs and posting weekly - time flies. (To read my Happy 1st Birthday post, please click here)
When I started blogging I had just the idea of a 'Beauty Blog' - which is a pretty vast subject.

Whilst I do describe myself as a Beauty Blogger I feel that BeautyBoo44 has morphed and found it's 'niche' as a skincare blog, aimed at preventative skin care and ageing well.

In case you don't already know my skincare pet subjects are:
  • Collagen
  • Sun Protection
You will find plenty of posts about these all over the blog - you can use the labels in the side bar to find them.

What to blog about?

Someone recently asked me - "How do I know what to write about?"
An easy to answer quesion.  I blog about what I'm currently interested in or super excited about. Which is why for example recent posts have started to appear about 'Hormonal Skincare' 😜 (it's my age)!

Non Beauty posts

A significant change for me in the last 12 months is I have 'cleaned up' my diet - and in doing so lost... around 30lbs.

Whilst I can't say I am a fully fledged member of the Clean Eating movment I am eating soooo much less processed food and more or less cut out refined sugars - yep, that's sweets, chocolate and even birthday cake!

Therefore you will find the occasional healthy receipe cropping up under Lifestyle.

All Posts

Whatever my posts are about they are always going to be beauty related, written by me and giving my personal opinon.  I will also continue to take the photos and provide the props!

So it's "Happy Birthday to me" and "Thank You" for reading.

I plan to continue to post every Monday and I hope that you continue to enjoy reading.
Thank you πŸ™


Monday, 4 June 2018

Getting older? 'Doughnut' Worry! 🍩

Hormonal Skincare

I'm 50, and I honestly don't think I have a hang-up about my age.  However, if like me you are a little older than you were (!) you may have been privy to some negative age comments e.g. things going downhill after a 'certain age' πŸ˜±

So far, I haven't woken up one morning to find my arse on the floor or my boobs at my waist!! But, I have noticed subtle changes in the firmness of my skin, thickness and definitely some skin laxity aka sagging.

In part it is gravity, in part it is time and of course, age and hormones (blah blah blah) come into it.

The Years Ahead

I am all for prevention which is why:

  • I have applied sun cream to my face since I was 16 (daily);
  • Gave up smoking in my 30's (completely);
  • Alcohol in my 40's (virtually);
  • Sugar (refined) in my 50's.

Recently I've been reading up on skincare for the menopausal, or in my case, nearly menopausal woman.

Everything points to my concern that declining hormones are likely to affect my skin and not in a good way.

All this reading led me to learn about Genistein.  Obtained from Soya beans and said to fight the signs of ageing; by stimulating collagen production and therefore helping with skin texture, firmness etc. πŸ‘

I've never used a product containing Genistein before.  There are a number of products out there but many with a pretty hefty price tag  - some at three figures! £££

Flavonex cream

As you may already know I love a foreign pharmacy.  My idea of holiday heaven shopping is an afternoon browsing the isles of any non-UK chemist.

Whilst I can't be on holiday all of the time, I can be online most of it and am often found browsing one of my favourite 'pharmacy' websites

This is where I found and purchased  πŸ› Flavonex anti-sagging, firming cream 200ml at about £20.

Made by a company called Auriga it contains my sought for ingredient Genistein.

The instruction with Flavonex (I purchased the 200ml pump dispenser) comes with a precaution - "If you have a history of breast cancer, seek your doctor's advice".

I'm avoiding applying this to my breasts.  It goes on my stomach and tops of my arms, and then a quick swoosh up my neck.

Has it worked?  I'm not expecting a miracle, I don't expect to see any difference now.  What I am hoping for is prevention, to stop, or at least delay any sagging that may be inevitable as time goes by.

I hope that I won't be agreeing, or joining in with the, "and then you get to 50 and everything starts to drop" brigade anytime soon.

Watch this space!


If you have any #StopTheDrop tips you would like to share - please leave me a comment below.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading πŸ’‹


Monday, 28 May 2018

the art of sun protection

Sunshine, it tends to make us feel better plus we need some rays for Vitamin D production.  However, sun damage is one of the major causes of premature skin ageing.

Therefore sun protection shouldn’t be reserved just for holidays and summer months but I feel is an every day essential come rain or shine – every day is the perfect time to apply your (UV) sun protection.

Gone are the days when sun creams were thick gloopy pore clogging creams, there are so more great products on the market to choose from.

You may already have an SPF added to your moisturiser or make up which is great, but you need to consider carefully if that is going to be enough? 

If a product just says UV protection it's unlikely to give you the protection you need – even on those dull and cloudy days.  UV rays are there regardless of whether you can see the sun; The sun has always got his hat on.

You can easily find SPF protection on the High Street from higher end brands such as Clinique, Clarins and Estee Lauder to more budget brands at the supermarket.

For my face I stick to an SPF of at least 30 every single day.  I have naturally very pale skin, the type that would never tan, so I like to err on the side of caution.

I have just started using an SPF 50 cream from Heliocare, which is a paraben free light non-tinted cream.

When I feel like a little bit of colour I reach for Tropic Skin Care Tinted Skin Shade SPF50.

Whilst you are applying UV protection don’t just protect your face but also think about those other areas that can tend to give away our age – in particular the neck and hands.

When buying hand cream I always look out for one with UV protection – Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Anti-Ageing Hand Cream SPF25 is anaffordable choice.

Don’t forget lips, apply and reapply an SPF lip balm often – I like UltraSun and Malibu fruit flavoured lip balms.

And finally your hair – UV rays will not do you any favours if you colour your hair and generally they may dry it out. 

Many shampoos and conditioners have added UV; Also look out for it in serums and hair sprays such as L'Oreal Elnett UV Filter Coloured Hair 

Whatever you decide to do – don’t avoid enjoying the sunshine just remember to protect your skin, as you are going to be wearing it for a very long time.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Skin care for a certain age

(The) change is coming, time to invest

I recently hit a big birthday (50) and have noticed some changes in me.  Whilst I am not officially in the menopause yet I am definitely getting nearer to the end of my peri-menopause.

If you are younger than 45 you can probably stop reading this post now (!) - your time will come but for now, don't stress about it.

Not that getting older is a bad thing, definitely not and always better than the alternative!

In a way, we all start to age from the day we are born - but technically I think our early years are known as growing!  

However, it's a fact that our skin starts to loose collagen from our 20's. And then the menopause comes along...

Hormonal changes can have a negative effect on the skin. Be warned, reading about the effects of 'the change' can be a bit all doom and gloom. 

I don't quite know yet what it is going to do to my skin.  I do feel that overall my skin feels a bit thinner, and more delicate, it definitely takes longer to heal and I tend to bruise more easily than I used to.

So my birthday got me thinking about skincare specifically aimed at the menopause.

Which lead me to invest in my first menopause-specific skincare product.

Stratum Complete Hand Cream

I am seldom found without a tube of hand cream somewhere on my person and this is my latest.

The 75ml tube states 4 benefits:
  • Anti-ageing peptides
  • UV blocking SPF
  • Nail strengthening
  • Age spot removal
It also contains Matrixyl which is a trademarked peptide shown to reduce wrinkles - this is face grade hand cream.

I love hard working products and always try and buy a hand cream that talks about hand and nail benefits.  

The UV filter is great (although I would like to see a factor number).  As your hands are nearly always exposed they can be in danger of sun damage.  My advice, apply SPF to (the back of) your hands if your current hand cream is lacking.

So far so good and it is a lovely hand cream, rich but not too greasy and easily absorbed leaving my skin super soft.  But it's not budget - £18.

The thing is, I purchased this hand cream specifically as I know that my hormones etc are changing and it will inevitably be having a negative effect on my skin.  I'm looking to negate the changes in my skin as much as possible - so this is investment skincare

Apart from the high price point the only thing I don't like about are the words 'Menopause Skin Care' on the tube!  Maybe I am being over sensitive, or maybe it's just my age?!

Find out more at


Our skin goes through various changes throughout our lives - and there seems to be a product for every age.  If you have any products you swear by I need to know! so please leave me a comment below: x


Monday, 14 May 2018

Heliocare 360

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Sun protection... I thought I was pretty near perfect when it came to protecting my skin.  So imagine my horror when a dermatologist recently said to me that I actually had sun damage.

I've never, ever, had a tan and coming back from holiday as pale as the day I left is my idea of a holiday well spent!

Living in the UK I have in the past tended to only apply a high factor (i.e. 30+ SPF ) during our actual sunny months.

Turns out my pale and never tanned skin was starting to show signs of sun damage.

My last holiday to Spain was evident to the dermatologist, who also pointed out the sun damage on my right side, "Do you spend a lot of time in the car?" - UV rays penetrate glass 😱

Time to up my game.

Heliocare 360ΒΊ  

I've used the original Heliocare (tinted) before and I liked it however, a new regime justified a new product πŸ˜€

I choose Heliocare 360ΒΊ as it offers UVA/UVB/HEvis/IR-A protection all at 50+.  Lets break this down:-

UV, are ultra-violet rays. The 'A' rays are the longer ones that travel deeper into your skin and can cause the skin to age quicker.  Think A for Ageing.

Think B for burning, these rays are shorter and are the ones that can burn.  Burnt skin is damaged skin and this can lead to skin nasties (maybe skin cancers).

HEvis and IR-A? 
I have never heard of these two before, however I had been reading quite a lot about the effects of 'blue light' from phones etc.πŸ“±

I'm not sure what my thoughts are really about these two, however if I can find something that is going to offer protection against them (whether they are that bad or not), then why not?

Heliocare Say:
HEvis - High energy visible light can penetrate deep into the skin.  HEvis can be emitted from the sun but also indoor light (e.g. computers, LED etc)

IR-A - Infrared radiation, much the same definition as HEvis but also emitted through heat and thermal radiation

That's the science bit for you πŸ€“ but I can't really write about Heliocare without mentioning Fernblock.

All the products in the Heliocare range contain Fernblock, which is a natural antioxidant, an extract of Polypodium leucotomos (which is a fern🌱)

Antioxidants are great protectors for your skin as they help mop up the free radicals which can lead to premature skin ageing. In short they help prevent cell damage.

Heliocare 360ΒΊ Fluid Cream SPF50+

This non tinted cream is really easy and pleasant to apply, not thick or greasy etc. and it hasn't made me spotty.

I'm applying it after my moisturiser and it sits wells under my make up - i.e. it doesn't make my base slide off my face!

As with any SPF product it is only going to protect the skin that you apply it too, so I make sure that I am very methodical in my application.

I pay particular attention to my forehead, crows feet and around my lips - I'm thinking of those nasty vertical lip lines that I am starting to see.

Preventative care

As I've got older I'm all about preserving my skin - hence my obsession (in case you don't already know) with collagen.

Whilst I do wish for the skin I had at 25 I realise it can't be, but I also know that in another 25 years I will be wishing back for the skin I have now.

So, without going to extreme lengths, I am going to do all I can to 'age well'.
Sun Protection is at the top of my list, and I've now resolved to wear an SPF of 50+, 365 days a year.


When do you use an SPF?  Do you tan? Fake or real? Please feel free to leave a comment


Monday, 7 May 2018

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen *

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All in One GelπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

DHC the Japanese skin care range have added an everything to everyone moisturiser that I have been trying for the last couple of months.
Astaxanthin Collagen all in one cream

Its called Astaxanthin Collagen All in One Gel (I'm going to call it Astaxanthin Collagen from now).

I am very familiar with, and some would say a tad obsessed with collagen!  If you want soft, smooth and firm skin, then you need collagen.  However, Astaxanthin is a new word for me and even more confusing for my spell checker!!

It's not a made up word though! Astaxanthin is a reddish pigment that belong to a group of chemicals called carotenoids and causes the pink or red colour in salmon, lobsters etc. (DHC Astaxanthin is from algae).  It is also a powerful antioxidant, and antioxidants are known for their anti ageing properties.

Antioxidants protect skin by limiting the production of free radicals which damage skin cells.

Vitamin C (also an antioxidant) is often a partner to collagen as it helps with collagen production.  DHC state that Astaxanthin is considered to be 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C πŸ‘

So partner that with hydrolysed collagen and you have the making of a couple of super heroes for your skin and it's fight against ageing.

so... that explains the colour!

My first impression of Astaxanthin Collagen was the colour, apricot.

Whilst I liked the playful colour I did initially think it looked a bit artificial (i.e. colour added just for... colours sake) but now knowing about the properties of Astaxanthin itself it makes sense, it's that colour because of the ingredients.

There is no real scent to speak of.
Astaxanthin Collagen all in one gel

Astaxanthin Collagen and me

The pot itself is supersize, for your £40 you get 120g of cream which is hefty.

The label says it will be fine for 6 months, but I always screw on the lid tight, keep it out of the sun etc (and I don't share) so I expect this is going to last me quite a bit longer.
Astaxanthin Collagen all in one gel

I really like the texture of this gel like cream and my skin has only reacted positively in the 2 months or so I have been trying it.

I use quite a lot of the cream because my skin is quite dry and the gel like formula is not greasy at all and my skin drinks it up.

As you should I am extending the use to include my jaw line, under my chin and my neck.

On first use the product gave my skin a glow.  I am very pale and I did wonder if it was just adding colour but this isn't the case.

Astaxanthin Collagen is quite happy to act as a base for my foundation, make up etc and has been doing an excellent job at keeping my dry skin hydrated.

Fine to use am or pm but there's no SPF so I always top it off with an SPF cream.

Astaxanthin has been a new discovery (and spelling) for me, I'm going to be looking out for it in other products however.

I love using any product that offers me collagen and this cream does that along with the antioxidant properties of Astaxanthin.

To find out more information about DHC Astaxanthin Collagen and other products (I love their best selling Cleansing Oil) please visit the DHC website.
Astaxanthin Collagen all in one gel
* post includes a PR sample

Monday, 30 April 2018

CND Vinylux polish - the icing on the cake*

Sugar sweetness

CND the brand behind Shellac™(and it still feels sooo wrong to put normal shoes straight back on after a pedicure) also do a weekly at home polish range - Vinylux™.

The Vinylux range of at home polishes offer long lasting and chip resistant colours for your fingers and toes.
CND Vinylux weekly polish pink and yellow
A simple two step system which not only gives you great chip resistant colour but also nail care. Infused with keratin, jojoba oil and vitamin E, to help keep your nails flexible and hydrated.

Perfectly on trend and in time for spring, CND have four new sugar pastel colours in their range.

CND Vinylux spring 2018 range

  • Candied - a sugar pink
  • Jellied - a yellow cream
  • Taffy - light pastel duck egg blue
  • Gummi - a solid pastel lilac cream

I've been having a play with Candied (pink) and Jellied (Yellow)

CND Vinylux Candied and Jellied Reach for the starts Old English Company coaste

The process

CND Vinylux weekly colour and top coat

As with any manicure make sure your nails are perfectly polish free, clean and dry.  You don't need and should not apply any kind of base coat.

Step 1 - Colour
Give the bottle a really good shake and off you go.  Apply the colour, and a thin coat.  The colour went on really easily - the brush is a nice fat little chap and due to its ergonomic design really hugged my nails.

One coat already looked good but even better with the (recommended) second coat.

I waited about 5 mins between coats and then about 2 minutes before...

Step 2 - Top Coat
This goes on looking like clear nail varnish but is your top coat and sealer to lock in the polish.

After about 10 minutes I felt the varnish was dry enough to move!  And it must have been as I noticed the next day there were zero smudges etc which is a bit of a first for me.

Below is a picture of Candied on my nails the morning after - so technically Day 2 (which was a Monday in case you need to know).
CND Vinylux weekly colour and top coat Candied Pink

Hardworking hands

Like you my hands are pretty much on the move all the time - housework, typing, gardening (it is spring), dog stroking, cooking etc.

I do try and take care of may nails and manicure of course (i.e. no nail biting, picking cuticles etc) but once my colour is applied I like to be able to forget about it.
CND Vinylux Candied pink and Jellied yellow polish, Old English Company make up bag
I kept my nails pink until Friday so 6 days but can confirm they were still looking good.  Out of the two colours I was drawn to the pink, but it is my favourite colour so I had no choice!

I applied it to my toes as well and 2 weeks on - no chips.

I think the pink shade really suits my pale colouring, and the yellow will look great in the summer when I have a bit of colour (fake tan of course).

You can find the Vinylux range (more colours and top coat, £10.95) at www.cultbeauty or from a pro salon via


PS. The make up bag, coasters and mirrors are from
PPS. Three french fancies were harmed in the making of this post!

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