Monday, 31 July 2017

Collagen Trial Month 6 - LQ Liquid Health

Collagen Trial

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will be aware that I have been trying out collagen drinks in a bid to give my ageing skin a boost.

I am just approaching the end of my first 6 months, and will be writing a summary post soon - so watch this blog πŸ‘€

Below are my thoughts on LQ Liquid Health (month number 6)

LQ Liquid Health - Skin, Hair & Nails

I purchased my LQ Liquid Health - Skin, Hair & Nails from Boots the chemist and took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer that was on.  I also used my Boots Advantage card.

At the time of purchase (July 2017) a months supply, 3 boxes cost £59.98 and I got 708 Advantage card points.

LQ Health is not a Boots only brand - you can purchase it direct from the LQ Health website (free P&P)
Each pack contains 10 bottles, of pre mixed drinks.  Each 50ml bottle contains 7000mg of marine 🐟 collagen,  resveratrol,  hyaluronic acid, N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, silicon, selenium and vitamins, including vitamin C 🍊which helps to support the production of collagen.

All the ingredients are on the back of the box and as this is a food supplement you also need to take note of the best before date (so don't go to mad on the bulk buying!)


Worth a special mention I think as this is the first collagen drink I have come across so far to contain resveratrol.  You may have heard of it before and if you are a red wine drinker 🍷you are already taking it πŸ€—

It is a powerful anti-oxidant, said to neutralise free radical damage and aid collagen production.

How to use!

I'm not sure I really need to explain how to use a daily supplement drink - you just err drink it! But below is what it looks like out of the bottle.

The taste is very smilier to the rest of the collagen drinks I have tried - fruity, peachy quite pleasant. The exception so far is Beautycol which is still pleasant, but more of a raspberry/strawberry flavour πŸ“

I read somewhere that you should avoid collagen drink close to caffeine, and somewhere else that you should drink it last thing.

Over the previous 6 months I have settled into a routine of drinking mine at the end of the day - but before I brush my teeth.  I think of it as my beauty night cap.


I am becoming a devotee of collagen drinks.

What I like about this one is it is super simple - no mixing just drink.
You do need to give the bottle a really, really good shake though.
Screw top comes off easily.

LQ Health do several health drinks:

  • Skin Hair & Nails (this one)
  • Joint Care
  • Advanced Skin Care
  • Heart Care

I could have plumped for Advanced Skin Care but thought why not try and boost my Hair & Nails too?

I can't say I have noticed any difference really to my hair.  My nails have grown, but not sure if this is down to the LQ drink or the fact that it is summer.  Unfortunately they don't seem to be any stronger.

If you have tried any of the other LQ Health drinks I would love to know how you got on with them, so please leave me a comment πŸ’‹


Monday, 24 July 2017

XYZ Smart Collagen, easy as ABC

XYZ Smart Collagen

I purchased this recently on a BOGOFF offer - the usual price for a jar is £29.99 but on this offer (with free P&P), it's £15 each.

Simply put, the claims of XYZ Smart Collagen are : apply this cream and your skin will produce more collagen and within 12 weeks you should notice the difference.

However XYZ also claim that their collagen cream is 'smart' collagen, because it stimulates your skins fibroblasts to not only produce more collagen but to produce it at a controlled rate to produce collagen of a better (and lasting) quality.

XYZ only make this one product which is all natural and vegan friendly.  The active ingredient comes from a plant called bulbine frutescens🌼

First Impressions

My order came super quick, in a couple of days, and as I said earlier free P&P, plus the BOGOFFπŸ‘

Also great aftercare - XYZ sent me a follow up email after I had had the product for about a week.  It asked me how I was getting on and gave some useful information on how to use.  Yes, there are instructions are on the box and the website, but I thought this was a really nice touch.

XYZ Smart Collagen comes in a white cardboard box, the 'branding' is quite simple black & white, which I feel works well and gives a sophisticated feel.  Also I think it is worth mentioning it is a box rather than a carton, so it has a lid.  I get a bit over excited about packaging sometimes and it may be just me, but if you keep boxes to use again it is a good one, so not something to just throw (recycle) away?

Thinking inside the box now! XYZ Smart Collagen comes in a jar with a screw lid.  The cream itself is pure white and fragrance free.  It is a thick texture, described as a luxe cream, I have quite dry skin so it suits me fine.

I could say the product is slightly over packaged - the jar itself sits in a little foam compartment.  The box and jar should be recyclable not sure about the foam bit, but Captain Planet 🌍 (aka Mr BeautyBoo) will check that out!

How to use

Directions state use it twice a day so nothing surprising there.  However what is a bit different from the norm is they say to use it around the eye contour, including the eye lid and brow bone.

The more I use it around the eye area the more I like it, (avoid the tear duct), honestly how often do you apply any product to your eyelid and brow bone?

Depending on how old you are this area of your face may not bother you that much.  However if like me you are over 44 (and then some) you will appreciate that your eyelids might not be as smooth as you would like - I'm talking crepiness.

Eye creams usually only advise you apply it below the eye.  I am liking the fact that this part of my face is now getting some attention.

For the rest of my face (& neck) I apply a smooth thin layer, and then apply my moisturiser and SPF.

The cream feels hydrating but as I have dry thirsty skin I like follow up with moisturiser.  If you have a more normal skin type you might be able to skip the moisturiser - but not the SPF 😎


I'm a bit premature writing this post as I have only be using XYZ for about 2 weeks, I was going to write it after 12, but good news - I am seeing results already πŸ˜ƒ

When putting on my eyeliner I notice that the brush is running a lot smoother along my top lash line.  My eyelids feel smoother and look less crinkly.   This might not be a big deal if you don't suffer from crepiness, but for me if this was the only improvement it would still be a major result

As I said earlier I don't normally apply any product to my eyelids so using XYZ Collagen cream is the only thing that has been applied there so must be working.

I have quite a few weeks to go until I get to the 12 week mark, however with two lots of cream I should have plenty of product to get me there, and beyond, I will keep you posted

You only need to use a little, about 1/2 a teaspoon for you face and the same for your neck.

For more information and to buy visit XYZ Collagen.

For now, kisses πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Collagen Serum*

I πŸ’™ Collagen!!
proto ol collagen serum

Oh if I could throw myself into a bath of collagen I would - well I might!
Actually thinking about it I don't think I would,  it could get a bit messy!

Luckily for me then (and you) proto-col have produced a skincare range named Collagen Technology which includes this gorgeous Collagen Serum which I have recently been trying out.

In case you don't already know, collagen production slows down from *sigh* about 25....
Collagen helps to keep your skin looking good - firm, smooth, radiant etc.

So along with drinking lots of water, wearing SPF 😎 (every day) and not smoking, incorporating skin care products with collagen in them makes sense to me.

First Impressions

proto-col collagen serum
The packaging is very smart and the carton in a dark royal blue with silver writing looks very high end.
proto-col collagen serum
proto-col collagen serum

Inside the box the collagen serum itself is beautifully presented - with a glossy silver pump action top which you can lock into the open position.

Good to know, you can see how much product is left through the opaque glass bottle.

Twice daily application

As this is a serum it is designed to be used after cleansing but before your moisturiser.

I have been using the serum morning and evening and applying it to my neck and face, using light upward strokes.

The amount in the picture below is enough for my face and neck.
proto-col collagen serum

This serum with quinoa (which can help skin elasticity and cell regeneration) is a lovely lightweight fluid that nourishes, protects, hydrates and firms.

It contains collagen (obvs!) which is plant based but also amongst other ingredients Vitamin C which works well with collagen (if you are looking for a product with collagen in it look for vitamin C too).  Hop on over to the proto-col website if you want to find out more.

Suitable for all skin types, I certainly found it had a hydrating effect and is such a lovely silky
texture, it is a pleasure to use.
proto col collagen serum

Why not check out the rest of the proto-col skincare range?  And why not read my review of their Microdermabrasion with crushed diamonds and pearlsπŸ”Ή

For now, hold onto that collagen and keep your glow on ... πŸ’‹

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Absolute Collagen* πŸ’›

I'm an Absolute Beginner

Well kind of... I have been trying a few collagen drinks recently as I know that we lose collagen naturally from around the age of, (deep breath) 25! So it makes sense to me that you should try and get more collagen into your system if you are serious about preserving your skin.

Previously I have felt and seen the benefits of adding a collagen food supplement to my regime, so I was more than delighted to receive a supply of Absolute Collagen to get me back on the wagon.
absolute collagen liquid supplement

So Why bother with Collagen?

Collagen, its the stuff you need and want in your skin to give you glowing, soft yet firm, lovely skin.

You can preserve the stuff you have already by eating well, not smoking and protecting your skin from UV rays 😎

However in addition to the above you can now, in a very pleasant and tasty way, drink more collagen into your skin - and Absolute Collagen make this super easy to do.

You can read more about collagen and why it is so important for skin health HERE

Absolute Collagen

absolute collagen liquid supplement

Looks good doesn't it?  The packaging is visually stunning it comes in a beautiful box you will be happy to have out on display.

Absolute Collagen has been recently launched in the UK, by the founder Maxine who has been working on her product with scientists to produce the best collagen supplement at the lowest possible price.

Each box contains 14 sachets so enough for 2 weeks and currently retails at £29.99, which works out at just £2.14 per day.
absolute collagen liquid supplement 14 day supply

On the reverse of the box is all the nutritional information, the use by date (remember this is a food supplement) and some instructions on how to use.  There is a very comprehensive leaflet inside the box too.

Made from and containing 8000mg of high grade marine collagen🐟 Absolute Collagen contains collagen and very little else so as not to muddy the waters so to speak.

I can read and understand all the ingredients - I know what they all are!
absolute collagen liquid supplement info

One of the ingredients included is Vitamin C  πŸŠ which is great as it is known to be very good for your skin as it helps with the production of collagen.

Absolute Collagen also list some of things that their supplement doesn't include for example NO sugarπŸ‘ but also NO Pork derivatives πŸ–, which made me think... πŸ€”

absolute collagen liquid supplement

Your daily dose of beauty

Some collagen drinks come in a plastic bottles to ready to drink, others in a glass bottle and some in powder form,  Absolute Collagen is a bit different as it gives you choices πŸ™‚

(1) Neat straight out of the sachet

All you need to do it tear open the sachet and consume it, you don't even need to completely tear it open just a bit will do.

It tastes fine, trust me - not fishy.  It is a gel like substance and tastes a bit like lemon,  I push my fingers along the sachet to make sure I got every last drop - reminds me of how I use to eat an ice pop as a child.

Out of the sachet it is a golden honey like colour the picture below shows it poured/squeezed into a glass (if you are going to take it neat take it straight from the sachet, less washing up)
absolute collagen liquid supplement

(2) Dilute it

It won't effect the product at all.

Just add some warm water and maybe a thin slice of lemonπŸ‹ (which I did't have for my photo below πŸ˜•)

absolute collagen liquid supplement with warm water

(3) Add it to another food

Absolute Collagen suggest adding it to yoghurt, so I've had a go at that too.

I added it to a peach and passion fruit Light & Free yoghurt, which like Absolute Collagen is sugar free.  It tasted great, the favours worked really well together 😘
absolute collagen liquid supplement with yoghurt

Out of the three options I tried my favourite is number 1 - as I like the taste and this is the easiest.  However it is good to know that you have options/choices should you wish to mix things up a bit.

Option 1 fits in really well with my lifestyle all I need to do in the morning is throw a sachet into my handbag at the start of the day.

Being in a bright yellow sachet Absolute Collagen is easy to find in my bag and as it is a sachet (not a bottle) I don't need to worry that it might leak.

For travelling it is really convenient,  it's handy that I don't have to mix it up and and the 10ml size is airplane friendly too ✈️


I mentioned at the start of this post that I had recently stopped taken collagen and in a way I am glad I did - as I have really been able to see what a difference taking Absolute Collagen has done to my skin.

After about 5 days I started to notice the effect.  My skin was starting to feel smoother and had a glow/radiance to it.

By the end of my 14 day course my skin was feeling firmer and my dark circles look reduced - my skin certainly feels more hydrated and plumper.

Big plus - my nails, which have been so neglected recently (too much gardening!! 🌳) have started to grow, but importantly growing strong πŸ’ͺ not splitting.

If you are looking to improve your skin health (and of course Absolute Collagen affects ALL your skin) then I am convinced that adding a collagen drink to your skin care routine is definitely worth doing.

❤️ You should absolutely check out Absolute Collagen

* post contains a PR sample


Monday, 3 July 2017

Proto-col Microdermabrasion* exfoliation and then some

Why Exfoliate?

I did a poll recently to ask for your top skincare tips and exfoliation came out at Number 1 πŸ†

It's no surprise really as a good quality exfoliant will slough off the old dead skin that might be dulling your complexion and reveal a fresher you.
proto-col microdermabrasion
Yes, your skin will naturally renew itself every 28 days or so, but like a lot of things in life things get a bit slower with age, so adding some gentle exfoliation to your weekly (or twice weekly) routine is a very good idea.

About proto-col

Proto-col are a UK Health & Beauty company who pride themselves in using the latest technology and innovation in their product ranges.

Along with a cutting edge Skincare range, they also have a natural mineral Cosmetic line and a Nutrition line, both are worth checking out.

proto-col microdermabrasion

This gorgeous product from proto-col contains crushed diamonds and pearls and is perfectly blended with AHA's (fruit acids) to gently assist your skin with sloughing off the old stuff and revealing the new.

AHA's are well established in skin care, I think I first came across them about 20 years ago in EstΓ©e Lauders 'Fruition'.  They are very natural and in  proto-col microdermabrasion they are derived from sugar cane, milk and citrus fruits 🍊

When applied to the skin AHA's react with your skin (in a good way) and help to loosen up the dead skin cells, so you can then gently massage them away assisted with the crushed diamonds and pearls in this lovely exfoliation cream.

proto-col microdermabrasion

Collagen Technology

Collagen ❤️ I am a bit in love with it! We all need it in our skin to help keep it looking (and feeling) firm, plump, hydrated and therefore looking its best.

We all have collagen and produce collagen naturally, however it decreases from about 20! onwards - yes really that early.  You are unlikely to really notice until 35+ but when you do it isn't great - as along with fine lines (not so bad) your skin gets more lax, and starts to sag and that isn't a good look i.e."You look tired" grrrr πŸ‘Ώ

Microdermabrasion by proto-col contains plant based collagenπŸŒ³πŸ‘

Vitamin C 

This is another great ingredient when it comes to a bit of 'anti'ageing' skin care, and if you are after more collagen it helps with that too - in fact collagen and vitamin C are a great combination in skin care, so look out for them

Vitamin C will literally help your skin to repair itself as it aides collagen production.

Microdermabrasion contains vitamin C from Guava and Kiwi, along with some other fab ingredients to make help you glow:

  • Vitamin E & Jojoba seed oil - both powerful antioxidants
  • Hydrolysed silk protein - for its moisture binding properties
    proto-col microdermabrasion

How to Use

First off always be gentle to your skin - when you exfoliate don't scrub and because microdermabrasion is so effective you only need to use it once or twice a week - definitely NOT every day and only use your finger tips.

You also only need to use a small amount - the amount on my hand in the picture below would be enough for my face, neck and my dΓ©colletage.
proto-col microdermabrasion on back of hand
There is a texture to it, which are the crushed diamonds and pearls, which help to remove the dead skin cells.  You can see in the picture the product is a creamy texture.  There is no fragrance that I could detect.

Important to note - you apply to dry skin - no need to mix with water.  Smooth a thin layer all over the areas you wish to treat, it will glide beautifully across your skin.

I have been using microdermabrasion once a week on dry skin before I shower.  You need to leave the thin layer on your skin for about a minute (whilst the shower warms up).  This time gives the AHA's time to get working - loosening up those dull dead skin cells.  

After about minute gently massage it in, and then I pop in the shower and rinse it off.  Afterwards  gently pat your skin dry and then its a case of "Hello Glow"😘


Microdermabrasion is really simple to use and its effective - I am loving the results.
proto-col microdermabrasion

My skin feels so soft and smooth after use, and its more hydrated too.

I've now started to use it on the back of my hands too as I feel they are looking a bit neglected - I need to make sure they are blog post photo ready!! πŸ“·

Exfoliation is not a new experience for me, and trust me I have used a lot over the years, so would class myself as an experienced user.

Microdermabrasion is exfoliation and then some... It is powered up with collagen technology and vitamin C and therefore designed to go that step further...  helping to keep my skin looking bright and fresh plus help keeping it that way.

Suitable for all skin types and made in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Buy at £11.95 20ml

*post includes a PR sample

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