Monday, 17 April 2017

Buy / Use / Reject & Recycle - Pixi Glow Tonic

When a product disappoints

I should have written this post a few months ago really - however I kept thinking, "Is it me?"

Exfoliation - a great way to keep your skin glowing.  I had quite happily been using Clarins Exfoliating Brightening Toner which you use 2/3 times a week, however I liked the idea of having a product I could use every day.

Glow Tonic is a bit of a cult product and has been around for a while.  Go to any website and read the reviews and they are, excuse the pun, glowing!  Not wanting to miss out, I knew it was time to try it.  I went to purchase it a couple of times at M&S (other retailers are available), but it was out of stock, which kind of added to the lure of it.  So, when I eventually got my hands on a bottle I was super excited and expecting a lot from it.  But when I started using it and didn't see any positives (in-fact, negatives 😠), I thought it must be me!  So I parked it for a while, knowing I would in time try it again.

Now here I am assuming you have heard of Glow Tonic already, maybe not?  Let me explain...  it's a toner like product that you can use every day, containing 5% glycolic acid it's an exfoliant, designed to give you brighter skin and make you Glow.   Here is a link to the Pixi website if you want to read more...

First off I didn't really like the smell of the product that much, not enough to put me off of course, but a bit disappointing ( I do really like the colour, which I think is very pretty).  Due to the prettiness of the colour I was expecting it to smell fresh and fruity, however I find it to be more of an artificial scent, it's my nose though and smell is a personal thing.

It is very easy to use of course - cleanse then 'tone' with it, and it did make my skin feel fresh and clean after use.  The thing was, first time I started to use it I started to get a bit spotty along my jaw line and on my chin, so I stopped use, I wasn't convinced it could be the Glow Tonic, however it was the only  new product I had introduced, and I don't have sensitive skin.

Fast forward about a month.  Spots have gone and the Glow Tonic is still looking inviting in it's hardly used bottle - I start using it again, 3 days later more spots!  Not the desired effect, so I have stopped use.  I am disappointed and guess it is just not for me, these things happen...

Throwing it all away? 

At £18 a bottle I didn't want to even think of throwing it away, so I gave it away, to my husband.  It is now amongst a very select groups of products - that he uses (see below)

Lucky Mr Beauty Boo then! - not sure what it is in the Glow Tonic that didn't like me though, as I said earlier all the reviews indicate it is fine for everyone else πŸ˜€

Product Fails - What do you do?

Have you ever been brave enough to take them back to the store?
Do you bin and move on?
Or do you also recycle them? ♻️ 🌳🌲

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