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Skinade* Collagen Drinks - do they work?

Skinade bottle and drink
Skinade bottle and information
Pump up the volume 

As you may already know, I am a collagen fan.

Collagen is one of the things your skin needs to make it look soft and plump and now I realise, thanks to Skinade - FIRM.

We all produce collagen but it starts to reduce after 20! yep that's right, you are barely an adult and it starts to drop. It is a slow decline,  but with every decade it goes down :(

Turn back time?

No, we can't do that, however there are plenty of things you can do to try and preserve your skin.  Me? I have been doing the following:

From age 16 - I have applied an SPF to my skin every-single-day.  I have never tried to get a tan, and now, in my 40's I actively avoid the sun!

In my 30's I started to rev things up and exfoliation came on the scene together with creams containing Vitamin A - Estee Lauder Fruition (RIP) was one of my first buys.

Today, I continue with all the above but also have made it my mission to seek out products that include Collagen, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.  Plus I cleaned up my diet and try to avoid processed food and sugar.  It makes me feel better, but also it has been proved that sugar 'attacks' your collagen (along with my ability to fit into my favourite jeans!).

Skinade  - What is it?

A drink that you take every day, designed to increase collagen levels in your skin (and that's all of it of course, not just on your face).  The benefits are cumulative, you can't expect results overnight.
Skinade works by adding collagen but it also triggers the body's own collagen production, which in turn increases your skin's production of hyaluronic acid (which is ace for skin hydration).

Increased collagen result in firmer, fresher and younger looking skin.

All sounds simple then? and it really is...

The drinks are on You!

You can buy Skinade in two forms (same price for each):

Bottle 150ml pre mixed - open and drink
Travel pack - mix with water
The Skinade drink is a bright yellow/orange in colour - someone once asked me what I was drinking as it is pretty bright - my reply of orange and pineapple juice seemed to cut it.  It has a unique taste which I found really pleasant,  Skinade describe it as mangosteen and peach, I had to look up mangosteen as I had never heard of it before, it's not a mango but a "sweet and tangy fruit".  It does taste nice, I looked forward to drinking it, which made it very easy to stick to the course.  Bottle or travel pack, the taste is the same.

The collagen within the drinks is high-grade marine based from fresh water fish (so not vegetarian) but reassuringly is not bovine (cattle).

Each drink contains 7000mg of collagen and are also packed with other high ingredients, and only 35 calories per bottle.  See the Skinade website for full contents.  In fact if you are interested in 'better skin from within' and what Skinade can do for your skin do visit the website, like their bottles it is packed with good stuff.

The first 20 days

I found it super easy to incorporate Skinade into my daily routine, you just open it and drink it!
For the first 20 days I drank it via the pre-mixed bottles and basically replaced my small glass of orange juice with a bottle of Skinade.  It doesn't need to be chilled, but if you prefer you could pop it into the fridge.  The advice on the website is to drink it in the morning, I took a bottle up to bed each night and had it first thing in the morning before I ate anything.  The only tiny problem I had sometimes was I found it difficult to unscrew the lid, so I just made sure I loosened the lid the night before.  

Once I had used up all the bottles I switched over to the travel pack.  The bottles are pretty small so easy to travel with, however the travel packs are designed so you can take them on a plane in your hand luggage as each one is only 15ml.  These are super easy to use, all you need to do it mix them with water (don't drink it neat).
I changed my routine when taking the travel pack as I started to have them mid morning with a cup of coffee - this isn't advised by Skinade though "as caffeine can hinder the absorption of the essential minor-nutrients and collagen" oops!! What I should have been doing in hindsight is having the Skinade instead of the coffee.
Skinade travel pack, glass of water and coffee
Mixed Skinade travel pack

My skin was behaving as normal, no breakouts and my tummy seemed quite happy with my new drink.

Day 20 and beyond

Around about 3 weeks in is when I really noticed a change in my skin, and I felt it, FIRMNESS :)
I first noticed it one morning when applying my foundation, my skin felt and looked firmer, more even, and smooth, if you are other a certain age you will know that this is the type of skin you are after.  Also I didn't need so much foundation and I also noticed my skin felt more hydrated. 

Each day after this I really started to notice and my lines to me looked softer too.  Also my hair has a bit more body and bounce plus my nails look good.  And whilst I think about it my whole body feels a bit more supple - I tend to suffer a bit with hip and knee pain but these seem to have disappeared too!

30 days and beyond

I preferred the bottles to the travel packs just for the sheer convenience of no mixing whatsoever.  The travel packs ✈️ however are a great idea, and it is worth mentioning they are not in powder form, it is like a thick gel so you just put it in water and stir, so no lumps.

I have tried to get collagen in me before in tablet form but Skinade is just so easy (and tasty) to incorporate into my day.  Plus the amount of collagen in a glass of Skinade is the equivalent to about 20 pills!

I have just finished my first 30 day course and really am feeling the benefits:
  • Firmer
  • More radiant & hydrated
  • Smoother
  • Softer - all over (oh yeah! 😜)
A 30 day course of Skinade costs £105, you can purchase direct at

Have you tried Skinade?  I would love to know how you got on..

*post includes a PR sample


Monday, 17 April 2017

Buy / Use / Reject & Recycle - Pixi Glow Tonic

When a product disappoints

I should have written this post a few months ago really - however I kept thinking, "Is it me?"

Exfoliation - a great way to keep your skin glowing.  I had quite happily been using Clarins Exfoliating Brightening Toner which you use 2/3 times a week, however I liked the idea of having a product I could use every day.

Glow Tonic is a bit of a cult product and has been around for a while.  Go to any website and read the reviews and they are, excuse the pun, glowing!  Not wanting to miss out, I knew it was time to try it.  I went to purchase it a couple of times at M&S (other retailers are available), but it was out of stock, which kind of added to the lure of it.  So, when I eventually got my hands on a bottle I was super excited and expecting a lot from it.  But when I started using it and didn't see any positives (in-fact, negatives 😠), I thought it must be me!  So I parked it for a while, knowing I would in time try it again.

Now here I am assuming you have heard of Glow Tonic already, maybe not?  Let me explain...  it's a toner like product that you can use every day, containing 5% glycolic acid it's an exfoliant, designed to give you brighter skin and make you Glow.   Here is a link to the Pixi website if you want to read more...

First off I didn't really like the smell of the product that much, not enough to put me off of course, but a bit disappointing ( I do really like the colour, which I think is very pretty).  Due to the prettiness of the colour I was expecting it to smell fresh and fruity, however I find it to be more of an artificial scent, it's my nose though and smell is a personal thing.

It is very easy to use of course - cleanse then 'tone' with it, and it did make my skin feel fresh and clean after use.  The thing was, first time I started to use it I started to get a bit spotty along my jaw line and on my chin, so I stopped use, I wasn't convinced it could be the Glow Tonic, however it was the only  new product I had introduced, and I don't have sensitive skin.

Fast forward about a month.  Spots have gone and the Glow Tonic is still looking inviting in it's hardly used bottle - I start using it again, 3 days later more spots!  Not the desired effect, so I have stopped use.  I am disappointed and guess it is just not for me, these things happen...

Throwing it all away? 

At £18 a bottle I didn't want to even think of throwing it away, so I gave it away, to my husband.  It is now amongst a very select groups of products - that he uses (see below)

Lucky Mr Beauty Boo then! - not sure what it is in the Glow Tonic that didn't like me though, as I said earlier all the reviews indicate it is fine for everyone else πŸ˜€

Product Fails - What do you do?

Have you ever been brave enough to take them back to the store?
Do you bin and move on?
Or do you also recycle them? ♻️ 🌳🌲

Monday, 10 April 2017

April You Beauty Box

First Impressions
April 2017 You Beauty Box contents
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I am a silver member of You Beauty Box, so each month I get to choose 3 products for my box.
I was a bit underwhelmed by the products I could choose for April 2017, also they seemed to be on the small size - the majority were 10ml which really is a sample size.  YOU Beauty don't say they will send you full size products but in the past the sizes have been quite good.  Unless there is a product that I really must have I now pick by the size of the product on offer, as for for me here it really is a case of size matters!!😜

There was one make up choice this month (Lip crayon) the rest was skin care which I was pleased about.  This months 'theme' was Organic & Natural.

As usual the box included the YOU Beauty mini newsletter/product info booklet and some discount codes#

My April Picks 
benecos hand crea, balance me body polish, SKN-RG moisturiser

Benecos Handcream

benecos hand cream and a knitted cactus

A 75ml size (the biggest item on offer this month).  Benecos, a new brand to me, this is a hand cream, made in Austria.  It's a light formula and easily absorbs, it has no fragrance whatsoever which I find unusual.

Balance me, Super Toning Body Polish

balance me super toning body polish

I have tried balance me products before and they always smell good - as does this Super Toning Body Polish.  The fragrance is lush - balance me say it features their "signature, spa-inspired  super blend" and if like me you love the smell of all the oils etc at the spa it won't disappoint.  50ml size so a good weeks worth of exfoliating in a tube.

SN-RG Cellular Repair Moisturiser

SKN-RG organics repair moisturiser This was my first pick but only a 10ml size.  At first I could not get the pump to work, but took it apart and that seemed to do the trick.  SKN-RG cellular repair moisturiser claims to increase skin cellular repair (which I guess means turnover).  It does contain probiotics which are getting more popular in skincare, so I am intrigued and I will use it, but is 10ml enough to notice the difference?  Smells nice :)

Extra Treats
Pip and nut almond butter and lavera hand cream sample

Pip & Nut Almond Butter 30g.  I am a big peanut butter fan, and don't mind Nut Butters but do find them a bit runny and therefore a bit difficult to transport.  So having them in a squeezy tube (and you have to give it a good squeeze before you open to mix the oil) is a good idea.  For me? you can't beat Whole Earth Crunchy No Added Sugar (sugar kills collagen) Peanut Butter.

Lavera 2 in 1 Hand & Nail Cream.  This is a 1ml sample of 2 in 1 care Hand & Cuticle Cream.  Each month YOU Beauty usually add a couple of free treats, however this sample is not mentioned on the website or in the little information book you get with your box.  Maybe they thought at 1ml it was hardly worth it?  Enough for one use, it's going in the car glove box in case of an emergency. (if I ever break down I will be useless, however I have a glove box rammed with nail files, hand cream, paracetamol, sanitary towels, and lipstick!!)

Until next month....   πŸ’‹

# email me ;)


Monday, 3 April 2017

It's a Good Skin Day - thanks to Tropic!*

🎢 It's a new day.... and I'm feeling good ♫

Good Skin Day, resurfacing serum by Tropic Skincare*

Whilst I exfoliate all year there is something about Spring 🌷 that makes me want to rev up my skin care, and exfoliating your skin - speeding up the renewal of skin to reveal the good stuff is just what you need to do.

Luckily for me along came Good Skin Day which is a restorative serum packed with natural ingredients including Papaya, fruit enzymes, AHA fruit complexes and hyaluronic acid (which boosts moisture levels)... SO,  everything your skin needs for a Spring clean and to show itself off!

This serum, is just the right texture, not too runny and I really like the ease of the pump dispenser (no chance of spills).  It smells very different from any other sort of skin care product I possess - to me it smells fizzy, fizzy in a good way, reminds me a bit of the kids sweets Refreshers!

As with all of Tropic Skincare products the packaging is beautiful and well thought out, so happy to have this out on display, not just because it looks good, but because it WORKS.

In the bottle Good Skin Day looks a soft apricot, when you dispense it (a couple of pumps is all you need) it is more of a pale apricot/white colour.

Tropic call it a resurfacing serum which could sound a bit scary but it is so gentle, my skin is loving it!  I have been applying it to my face (concentrating on my lip lines and forehead) and neck 2/3 times a week, in the evening after cleansing then topping it off with my M&S Formula Night Cream.

After only a few days of use I started to notice results :)- my skin is looking smoother, brighter and more even in tone, not just a good day, but Happy Days! I even liked the way I looked in a photo!

I am now also using it on the back of my hands as I am loving the results so much on my face.  I have received a lot of compliments recently about my skin and even my facialist remarked on how good my skin was looking.πŸ˜ƒ
Like all Tropic Skincare products  it doesn't contain any parabens, palm oil, alcohol, etc and is certified by the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International 🐰.  Reassuringly Tropic are very open about all the ingredients they use, so you can know exactly what you are applying to your skin.

You can purchase direct from Tropic Skincare or if you want a treat for you and your friends you can arrange a Tropic Skincare Party at home.  My local Tropic Ambassador is the lovely Sharon, you can contact her here.

I am also using Tropic's contouring face masks - you can read more here.

Do you use Tropic Skincare?  Or are you thinking about it.  They have so many fab products, Skincare and Make up.  I need to know more...  so please leave a comment.

Oh yes - and make sure you  Have a Good Day!! ☀️

* post includes a PR sample

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