Monday, 27 February 2017

Hands (& Feet) up for Collagen!

Beauty Belle Hand and Foot Therapy Collagen Gloves and Boots*

As you know I am a massive fan of collagen and the benefit it gives to the skin.  I also love a good pampering session and enjoy sheet masks.  So naturally I found these two products irresistible.

They are both infused with collagen, hydrating and nourishing. Very simple to use and great for a pamper session,  especially at this time of year when you might be daring to think of sun and flip flops. 

Both the Hand Therapy Gloves and the Foot Therapy Booties are dual-layered - they have a plastic outer and a cotton like inner which contains the marine based collagen.  Remove any nail polish before wearing them as this will mean your nails get treated too.  The instructions recommend you wear them for 20 minutes  and let them get to work, so you could sit back and relax ..... OR! you can get busy, as....  Tah-Dah!! the finger tips remove from the gloves and the the booties have removable toe tips.  So along with enjoying  a gorgeous treatment you can also give your nails a lick of polish - genius!
I decided to wear them both for a full 20 minutes before removing the tips.  Once I had done this, prior to polish I gave my nails (concentrating on the nail bed as I feel this stimulates the growth) a really good massage so the product was fully absorbed.
Next I applied my polish followed by a coat of Mavadry by Mavala (brilliant brush on which dries polish).

When I was sure my nails were dry I removed the gloves to reveal beautifully soft hands and feet.

As we know hands can give away our age so I try and keep mine looking as good as possible which involves keeping my nails tidy, using lots of hand cream and applying an SPF to the back of my hands (handy!! - Clarins do a hand cream with an built in SPF).  We treat our faces to face masks so why not do the same for your hands and feet?  The Hand Therapy Gloves and the Foot Therapy Booties are an easy way to do this.

I really enjoyed using the collagen infused Gloves & Booties and my skin does feel incredibly soft and supply - other have commented too :)

Buy @ Beauty Belle.

* post includes a PR sample

Monday, 20 February 2017

This is not just night cream... it's M&S night cream

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

So suddenly (!) I found myself in the position of needing to buy a new night cream*, and shortly after I was in M&S with my mother in law.

I've never really thought of M&S as a place to shop for skincare etc - I thought it would be all Lily of the Valley and bubble bath - wrong, wrong wrong.  It's up there with Space NK now in my opinion. Whilst browsing I spotted some really 'cult brands' :
To name just a few.  So many products, so little money :(

So browsing along the white aisles in a dreamlike state I came across Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream.  I had recently read good reviews about this in the Sunday Times Style Supplement (confession, the only part of the Sunday paper I really read!!).  At £22 it seemed like a good price for a 50ml pot so I avoided everything else and made a purchase.

*your skin repairs itself whilst you sleep so invest in yourself and buy a decent night cream - and wake up happy!!

"Skin looks like you've had 8 hours sleep... even when you haven't"

This is the claim that M&S make.  Sleeping?  one of my favourite things and fortunately I sleep well, even when I have things on my mind, I tend to retreat to my burrow!  Rarely do I not get a good 8 hours (if not more) but still I have those mornings when I look like I have been slapped round the face with a wet fish!!

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep cream, this is such a lovely product to use and introduce into my nighttime routine.  The texture is butter like, has a real luxury feel and a soft fragrance not at all over powering. (good to know - hypoallergenic and paraben free)

Because it's winter I've added a extra layer to my nighttime routine, well a couple actually as I have recently introduced Colway Native Gold Collagen. So me getting ready for sleepy time goes like this:

Formula make a lot of claims beside the strap line above.  '10 amazing benefits after 4 weeks of use'. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and it really does seem to work.  I'm finding that my skin feels softer but also firmer, and brighter.  I am very impressed and do this think is living up to it's hype.  

And as for the M&S beauty hall?- well  I feel a M&S beauty haul coming on! So watch this space you will be the first to know.

For now sleep well xx


Monday, 13 February 2017

GOLD!!! star skincare

Colway Collagen Native Gold

For those of you familiar with my blog you will know I am a huge fan of collagen and am always looking at ways of getting it into me!  That could be by eating it, trying to get my body to produce more, hanging on to my reserves (it reduces from age 20! yes 20!!) and of course by applying it to my skin (mainly my face and neck).  So when Evie contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying some collagen related products from Colway International you can guess my response :)

Colway International are a new brand to me but they have been around for a while having started in 2004.  They produce a number of products for the face, body and hair.  Also some supplements and products aimed at men and little ones too.

So, What is Collagen Native Gold?

First off it is a 100% natural product (paraben free) and contains marine collagen.  Along with some other ingredients (all listed on the website ) it contains Retinol (vitamin A) which is well known for its anti-aging properties.   Due to all the active ingredients you should keep the glass bottle away from direct sunlight - even if it would look rather stylish on your bathroom windowsill.
(This is pretty good advice for any product, including perfume etc).

How to use?

I hadn't ever tried a product like this before, and in my excitement I used it at first like a regular moisturiser - which was a mistake.

Collagen Native Gold is not a moisturiser, although using it will plump up your skin.  There are of course instructions on and in the pack and after a little read I knew what to do.

You need to apply this to slightly damp skin, so after washing or cleansing your face.  I mix up my cleansing routine - sometimes I 'wash' my face - no not with soap and water of course!  Currently I am either using my Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser or the FOREO Night Cleanser.  Or I cleanse my face with Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs.

I go on, but this bit is worth noting: - you really only need a tiny amount of this, after trial and error I have found a pea size amount (make that petit pots not marrow fat!) is all I need for my face.  You pat the product in to your skin and then wait, 10 mins is the ideal if you have the time.  After that you should apply your moisturiser, I apply serum and then moisturiser.

If you apply too much product nothing bad will happen but your skin won't absorb it, your skin will just take what it needs - clever stuff.  So, if you apply too much you will see (and feel) a dry layer of product which you can gently rub away.  You may also feel a slight tightening of the skin too when you apply Collagen Native Gold, this is perfectly normal.  As I said earlier this isn't like any other product I have used before!


My main concern is collagen depletion in my skin, and the regenerative properties of Collagen Native Gold is what I want.  So I have been applying it to the areas of my face where I have volume loss, so my cheeks and jaw line.

You can of course use this anywhere on your body and the information on the Colway site says it is good for burns and scars which of course all need a collagen boost to heal.  Personally I have only used it on my face.


OK I admit, it took me a while to get the hang of applying this, hopefully this post will help you learn from my mistake!  However I am glad I stuck with it, I have, and am still really enjoying using this product and my skin is looking good.  Definitely a more even skin tone and my skin is very soft and smoother than usual.  Plumper? - it's difficult to say, I don't think you can expect results in just one month, however as the bottle is 50ml and is going to last me for many months, I hope that new collagen is on its  way.

* post includes a PR sample


Monday, 6 February 2017

Let's talk about... cellulite!


OK so let's talk about the horrible bumpy stuff - cellulite.  It's seems to only be a girl thing, and after a certain age most of us will get some :(   I have met a few women who declare not to have any, lucky them, me?  I've had some since my late teens and I was quite skinny then, it was only a little bit on the back of my thighs but I did start treating it then, and I haven't stopped.

Now I still have it, and there is more of me than there used to be, however it isn't that bad and I do think that must be in part to the regime I started back in the 80's.  Back in the day my eldest sister started using the Elancyl massage glove & soap.  Then you could buy this French range in Boots but I can't find it anymore in any UK chemists so I  buy online or when on holiday (I just LOVE foreign chemists and pharmacies, I will browse for hours).

Here is a link to the Elancyl website but it's all in French, there doesn't seem to be a UK site - Google does a good job of translating it.  At the bottom of this post I will list some of the online stores I have used to purchase Elancyl products.

Elancyl have been going since 1971 and what has kept me hooked is there in shower massage glove, pictured below.

The Elancyl glove is designed to be used with the Activ Massage Minceur (Activ Slimming Massage) which is in the picture.  There is a hole on the back of the glove that you can use to put the gel in, or like me you can take the cover off and put it in that way.  The glove is made of plastic and lasts forever really but after use make sure you rinse it, take it apart and let it dry.

I use this every day in the shower, you massage your skin in circular motions, be vigorous and make your skin go pink to increase the blood flow.  Active Massage Mincer contains caffeine which is known to be good for cellulite when applied to the skin (not so good in drinks).

In the shower I also use Gel Douche Tonifiant (Toning Shower Gel) which you could use in the glove too if you wanted.  This shower gel contains extract of ivy that helps to drain and detoxify the skin.  Soap free, it lathers up well and I just love the smell a real spa/shower fresh scent.

Post shower

I then use Slim Design 3D Caffeine Complex on my bottom and the back of my thighs.  This is quite a runny pinkish/brown coloured lotion, which is is aimed at smoothing the areas to improve the appearance and the look of your skin.  Got a bit of a way of applying this!  I put the product in both hands, do a squat and massage it in! 

Then it is the turn of Cellu Slim another smell I adore, if there was a perfume that smelt this good I would buy it.  I apply this to the tops of my arms, tummy and again backs of the thighs, and then I'm done.  

I really love these Elancyl products and I am sure they work, my husband says I don't have any cellulite, but I know I do have a bit, but I think these products have helped keep it in check.

As stated earlier, Elancyl is a bit hard to find in the UK and I buy it online,  below are a list of some of the retailers I have purchased from:


Prices vary so shop around, I often find them on offer,  but expect to pay:
  • Glove & Activ Massage Mincer set - £20
  • Activ Massage Minceur - £8
  • Toning Shower Gel - £6
  • Slim Design 3D Caffeine Complex - £20
  • Cells Slim - £20

Some other ways to treat cellulite

  • Not being overweight for me helps, at least I feel better when looking at myself in the mirror
  • Drinking water *sigh*
  • Not drinking the things you would other than water!!- i.e. alcohol and caffeinated drinks 
  • Dry body brushing 
  • Exercise
And remember to not be too hard on yourself, no one will stare at your 'problem areas' as much as you do - you are gorgeous!!

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