Monday, 30 January 2017

Beauty while you Sleep

iluminage Eye Mask

I have been reading a lot about the benefits of copper on the skin.  Copper is an essential mineral known to play an important part in healthy skin.  It helps in the production of collagen and collagen makes for soft and healthy skin (lovely stuff then).  I haven't yet invested in a skin cream containing copper, still pondering, however during my 'research' this product popped up.  It is pretty unique so I thought I would give it a go - I purchased mine from and it cost £20.

This is a eye mask that is made by a company called iluminage who call it a 'Skin rejuvenating eye mask with patented copper oxide technology.  Clinically proven to change the look of your skin in just 4 weeks'.  They also make a pillow case.

The packaging is lovely - it comes in a strong tube which is great for storage, the product info and instructions are on the tube and also makes reference to the patent number and the clinical trials.  Good to know you can hand wash the mask and this will not effect the copper in the mask - i.e. you won't wash it away.  The mask is made of 100% copper oxide polyester with a thread count of 249.

I was very impressed by the quality of the eye mask and the look and feel of it.  It's finished really nicely, softly padded, the colour as you can see is a gold/fawn colour, with a cream trim.  There is a colour co-ordinated velcro strap, so one size fits all.   The eye mask is also a good size, on me it covers my eyes! but also most of my forehead and below my eyes down to the tip of my nose.  So this is all good as the benefits of the eye mask would also help with crows feet and frown lines.  All sounding and looking good.  So, first night I happily went to bed and popped on the mask...

And then I hit a problem.  I found it very difficult to sleep with the eye mask on :(
I need to add that it is very soft to wear and also blackouts the light but I  found that it just makes me too warm.  I really tried with this and wore it each night for a week but my sleep pattern was very disturbed and we all know that to get the benefits of beauty sleep, you need to actually sleep.  I couldn't see any difference to my skin after a week, however the product does say you need to wear it for 4 weeks before you can expect to.  After a week of use, I just looked a bit more tired than usual, so not the look I was hoping for.

Oh dear, for now I have given up and the eye mask is having a rest, tucked up in it's tube.

I'm not too despondent though, I am glad I tried it and I do still like the idea of the eye mask and would certainly have it in my hand luggage for a flight ... (looks so posh I could even get upgraded!). I am also sure that sometime in the future I shall try and sleep with it again.  For now I will need to continue to consider which copper skin care product to add into my regime, the top contender at the moment is NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum.

Have you added copper to your beauty routine?  If so please leave a comment I need to know more!!!

For now, sleep well beauties xx


Monday, 23 January 2017

You lift me up!

Skin Doctors - beelift

As you probably already know I am a big fan of collagen - as your skin needs collagen to keep it plump and looking happy.  My aim is to keep my skin in the best condition possible (for my age) and unfortunately collagen production decreases with age - starting in your 20's (eek!).  Collagen is one of your skin's best friends so I am doing my best to hang on to mine, and am also very keen to try and get my body to produce more.

So along with eating well (mostly), not smoking, using a daily SPF and drinking as much water as I can (still a chore to be honest) I am super keen in products that talk about collagen.

So, when Skin Doctors sent me a box of their beelift* to try out I was literally buzzing with excitement.

First off 50ml is a generous size and you don't need much, in fact the instructions say "apply a small amount" which I always find to be reassuring (rather than apply a generous amount - to me this could translate as - 'use it up so you have to buy more soon!').

The product itself is a white cream, very lightweight with a soft fragrance of honey - one of the ingredients is manuka honey which is a bit of a superfood.

Beelift contains bee venom (so if you know you are allergic to bee stings it's not for you, and the instructions recommend a 'patch test').  Of course it doesn't hurt but the bee venom 'tricks' the skin into thinks it has been stung, so you skin defends itself and this defence stimulates collagen - yeh and you win the battle!

Beelift is clinically proven to triple the formation of collagen in 7 days and increase cell renewal in 15 days, all of which mean brighter firmer skin.

I have been using bee lift for a couple of the last 4 weeks and am enjoying the results.  First off no reactions at all and as stated earlier this is a lovely lightweight cream so is pleasant to use.

I have been applying as instructed AM and PM, concentrating on my areas of concern re sagging - so my neck, jaw area and cheeks - more or less my whole face then!  I've also been applying it to the back of my left hand only.  You apply Beelift in addition to your moisturiser so for me the sequence of events are:


The areas I have been using beelift on aren't really very wrinkled, my my concern is sagging : (

I have noticed a real difference to my face,  to me it looks plumper and definitely fresher.   It also feels super soft which is great as it is the middle of winter so my skin is combating central heating, diet disaster (aka Christmas) etc.

My neck again I am happy with the results, it feels very smooth

Hands -  so just applied beelift to the left hand.  It feels softer (I'm always applying hand cream + SPF so it's not like they are neglected) and I think the hand looks more even in terms of skin tone.

I have really enjoyed using beelift and am pleased to have discovered it.  It's become part of my daily routine so I am carrying on using it.

And one final point : No bees are harmed in the production of beelift and Skin Doctors do not test on animals, so don't worry Bee Happy!

* Post includes a PR sample


Monday, 9 January 2017

The first cut is the deepest

Shisedo Facial Razor (3 pack)

I know, I know we have all been told that a girl should never shave her face:

# 1 girls aren't meant to have any facial hair
# 2 shaving any hair can make it grow back stronger/coarser/darker

Now I'm sure none of us are going to happily put our hands up and say "Yeh! I have facial hair!" However, most women do have some hair on their face (we all have eyebrows don't we?) and have more than likely at some time thought about how best to deal with it.

This post is about eyebrow hair

My brows are quite thick, which I am pleased about as I can get a nice shape - I have always plucked them myself (did have them threaded a couple of times but it is a bit hit and miss depending on who does them)  and  I actually quite like plucking my eyebrows (there is an element of me that enjoys 'picking my face'!)

The thing is, I basically have quite a hairy forehead! - well not all of it thankfully but a lot of down/blonde hairs above my eyebrows.  For the last 25 years or so I have been plucking these hairs out but it takes a long time and as the hairs are blonde, (so why remove them?), I tend to think 'finished' and then realise I have missed a load.  As well as above my eyebrows I also get some blonde hairs beneath my eyebrows, which I again I want gone.

I recently read a review of dermaplaning on  and it got me thinking - shall I try and shave my eyebrows??!!!

All this thinking led me to purchasing Shiseido Facial Razors.  There are lots of other brands about but I plumped for Shiseido as I have heard of the brand and at £3.75 they were an inexpensive buy.

I was a bit worried about the word razor as I didn't really want to shave off my eyebrows or cut my face, but on closer  inspection the razors not very scary looking and have teeth rather than a razor blade.

The instructions are not in English but the big thing to remember is - use  them on dry skin.  There is a diagram  on the back of the packet which seem to imply downward brush strokes (but as I had already read Sarah's post over at I had a good idea of what to do).  So, carefully I started to remove the hairs above my eyebrows.

I am happy to report it was very easy, the razor is easy to use and control and there was no damage to my face or eyebrows :)  You can feel if you are going the right  way and by using a magnifying mirror I could see the hairs being swept away.

I also noticed, as well as removing the hairs I could also see quite a lot of dead skin coming off too - so a mini exfoliation.

I then went underneath my eyebrows and even in-between them to get the really fine hairs.  All in all a very successful experiment.  My eyebrows looked more groomed than normal and the skin above my eyebrows clearer and brighter, I felt it made me look more awake.

I could have got quite carried away as I found it all very satisfying and I do have some very fine downy hairs on my cheeks, but I held back - and stepped away from the razor!

I cleaned the blade after with a wipe from a clean tissue and they sprayed it with Medik8 Dermal Roller sanitiser which I purchased from Face the Future.

I am curious to see how quickly the hair grows back - but this was a super quick addition to my beauty routine so even if I need to do it often it won't be a chore (in fact I rather enjoyed it).


Monday, 2 January 2017

Orange is the new Black (truthfully)

Ole Henriksen - truth serum collagen booster

This is a seriously lovely serum so please, read on ...

Experts agree that Vitamin C applied to the skin can help when it comes to anti ageing, it is an
anti-oxidant and needed to produce collagen and keep skin looking good.  So along with staying out of the sun (well not exactly but using a high SPF daily) and trying to increase collagen production (be that by eating it or trying to get my skin to increase it) Vitamin C is a big draw for me.  Also the molecules in a serum are smaller than those in a moisturiser so they deposit their ingredients deeper into the skin, which is good news when it comes to Vitamin C.  Apply your serum first and then your moisturiser.

This is the first product I have tried from Ole Henrikesen - didn't know much about them before but here is a link to their website.  Very briefly Ole Henrikesen is a he, a Scandinavia skincare expert who opened a spa in 1975 in Beverley Hills and then his own range since 1984.

Good to know -  Ole Henrikesen have signed up to the Petra Beauty without Bunnies campaign 🐰

Truth Serum Collagen booster 

Aimed at dull skin, this product forms part of the Ole Henriksen's Truth Range.  Truth Serum comes in a glass bottle with a pump,  the serum itself is orange and a nice texture - not too runny.  Smells of orange which I find to be an uplifting and fresh fragrance.

I've been using this day and night before my moisturiser.  It can feel a tad sticky so I let it sink in for a short while, I like to think my skin is drinking it in.  I really do feel this serum gives my skin an extra glow - and when other people notice too, well you know, you've got me :)   Seems like the people at Harpers Bazaar noticed too, as they featured it in their Beauty Hot 100.

You only need to use a few drops so it is lasting well, however I have already made up my mind to purchase it again, as I know I am going to miss using it - seriously it is a pleasure to use, and I feel I am seeing results,  for example I'm noticing my foundation is going on smoother and my skin does have a bit more of a glow.

Available in 3 sizes (15, 30 & 50ml) on offer at the moment (January 2017) at Feel Unique about 15% off.  There are also other products in the range which I think I am going to have to check out...

Happy to have discovered Ole Henriksen, just sorry it took me so long!

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