Sunday, 25 December 2016

2016 - Review

2016 - Hello Beauty Boo!

I started my blog in June of 2016 and I am really, really enjoying myself. I love beauty, writing and my photography skills are improving I hope! Also the Blogging  Community is so supportive and friendly and I have made some great friends already.

There are so many great Beauty Blogs/websites out there, which are both fun, informative and innovative.
The ones that I would like to give a special mention to are:

Artemis and Xena
B Beauty Ltd
Back 2 Natural
Scampi & Chips
The 40 something Beauty Addict
The Lavender Barn
Through New Eyes

And as a way of a tribute to my first year (well 6 months really) of Blogging I thought I would do a quick run down of my 2016 posts.

August : Hello world! Egg White cleanser - my first post

August : Hawaiian Tropic body mists (so good I brought them all)

August : Still loving the Popbands

August : Neocell Beauty Bursts - you won't believe collagen can taste this good

August : KIKI supplements - my daily drink

September : MAC discontinued Pink Treat :(

September : Felt the need to share my teeth cleaning routine

September : Post in tribute to a couple classics

September : Spent a happy afternoon depotting

September : The lovely people at B Beauty Ltd sent me some samples

September : 30 Years of Bleach! How my hair recovered

September : I enjoyed making a mess with Back2Natural

October : Rubber mask? not sure it was worth the effort

October : Christmas spoiler - a budget advent calendar from ALDI

October : Found an old friend at Boots (now disappeared again)

November : Korean Beauty - Rice Rice Baby

November : Sheet masks and collagen  my 2016 obession

November : You Beauty Box - why did I ever leave?

November : And the reviews keep on glowing

November : Im in 7th Heaven - a big thumbs up

December : Just what the Dr (Hauschka) ordered

December : Blurred lines, a brand comparison

December : You Beauty Box Review

I  have learnt so much in my first 6 months of blogging but there is a long way to go - so bring on 2017!

Happy New year everyone and please keep on reading, following, posting and commenting...

Loves, BeautyBoo xx

Monday, 19 December 2016

December 2016 : YouBeauty Box

Beauty Boxes the all year round gift - to me :)

As you may already know I have recently subscribed back (after a short break to Birchbox) to the You Beauty Box.

Personally I think that the You Beauty Box is one of the best out there for a few reasons:
  • The price includes P&P
  • You can sign up and get monthly beauty treats from £6.95*
  • No repeats - well not to my knowledge anyway
  • And most importantly for me YOU get to decide what you want in the box - I know other beauty boxes get you to fill in a profile so they can 'tailor' your box, but I treat this with a bit of scepticism.  
  • Every month you get a couple of extra treats, so there is an element of surprise.
  • Oh yes and it really is a box - and a decent size one.
* Membership options:
  • Bronze £6.95 - pick 2 products 
  • Silver £8.95 - pick 3 products (my membership)
  • Gold £10.95 - pick 4 products

Contents of my December box

My choices from the December 'Shortlist'

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner 50ml

Pureology - a brand I already know and I use their Perfect for Platinum Miracle Filler treatment, a leave in treatment that fills gaps in the hair cuticle,  so I was pleased to get this duo.  Sulphate free, 100% vegan moisturising formula that hydrates hair. (my hair? dry and over processed).  Scented with ylang ylang and patchouli.

The shampoo is a light purple colour, similar shade to the bottle, very creamy and you only need a little.  Nice smell, not sure I could smell the ylang ylang (one of my favourites scents) or the patchouli but pleasant fragrance none the less.

The conditioner is uber thick (white not purple) so again a little went a long way.  Could definitely smell the patchouli in this as the fragrance is minty and I noticed my hair still smelt fresh the next day.

My hair certainly felt hydrated after drying, I may well go on and buy these in full size.

Foreo Night Cleanser a whopping 100ml

Foreo - a new brand to me.  This night cleanser claims to detoxify and smooth.  It starts off like a gel (green/grey colour) and then melts into a milk.  You apply it to a dry face and wet your face and then massage.  The instructions say with your LUNA device - I don't have a LUNA so used the Clairsonic.  It cleaned my skin well and had a pleasant fragrance.

I have also tried this without the Clairsonic and it works just as well.  In fact as it turns into a milk (rather than a foam) when you add water my preference is to not use the Clairsonic.  It does feel a little strange to add the product to your dry face, but I am starting to remember.  As I said earlier this is a great size and it is going to last for ages.  The more I use it the more I like it and the smell.

I looked up this product on the Foreo website and this product would cost £30 so really good to find this in a beauty box that cost £8.95.

Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil 5ml

This is an oil rather than a serum, however I have been using it in place of my serum in the evening.  It is rich, you need just  2/3 drops which I then massage into my skin concentrating on the bits that need boosting (so all of it basically!).  

Contains verified organic oils to boost dull and lacklustre skin, it's a pleasure to use. 

December Extra treats

15% gift card for Feel Unique
NARCISO Eau de Parfum sample

Now I haven't checked but am assuming that all of the products are available at Feel Unique so this gift card could come in handy however I was little disappointed with the extra treats this month, you usually get two actual products, rather than a product and a gift card.

The gift card is valid until May 2017.

The perfume sample is nice - hubby remarked on it, and being perfume it has lasted really well, I can even still smell it myself!

Very impressed by the December box - thanks You Beauty and look forward to my New Year Box.


Monday, 12 December 2016

If I could turn back time .... Dr Hauschka

Dr Hauschka - Regenerating Skin Care Set

What you get in the tin

I purchased this as a little gift to me.  Dr Hauschka are a brand I really like, they contain botanical oils with plant extracts to create unique and effective products that don't make widely optimistic claims.

This kit partly appealed to me because of the tin, I am always a sucker for packaging, especially boxes (tins) etc as I like to re-use them - use them as drawer dividers etc.  I was hoping that this tin would be magnetic - i.e. I could use it after as a make up palette, as the plastic ones can be a bit fragile (the clasp always seems to go), but it wasn't still I will find a use for it.

The contents of this kit are aimed at 'mature' skin:

  • Regenerating Serum
  • Regenerating Day Cream
  • Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream
  • Regenerating Eye Cream
  • Regenerating Body Cream*
  • *not in this review - saving as a travel size

    I have been using them each morning for the past 10 days in the order above.

    Regenerating Serum
    It is clear and very easy to use and is absorbed into my skin.  I have been rationing it a bit and using it on my frown lines, and cheeks only.  Ideally you would use it on your neck too but the size in the kit is quite small.  I have also recently  started to use a Dermal Roller (post coming soon) on my frown lines and really feel that the roller followed by the serum is doing me some good.

    Regenerating Day Cream
    This contains shea butter among other things and is quite thick but a delight to use and sinks into my thirsty skin.  There is no SPF protection so you do need to top it off with an SPF ideally factor 50 or over.

    Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream
    I am very guilty of neglecting this area and it is starting to show on my neck.  I have combined a neck cream into my routine but starting this in your 40's is too late really, but of course better late than never.

    Regenerating Eye Cream
    This is quite thick and maybe a little bit heavy for day? And stupidly I got a bit in my eye, and ouch did it sting must be all the essential oils, it went off quickly enough though and all fine after.

    I did enjoy using all the products, if I were to plump for just the one product it would be the serum, as I do really think that pesky frown line looks a little better!! :)

    Until next time - kisses!


    Monday, 5 December 2016

    Blurred Lines - Nars v Avon


    And the contenders are:
    • NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, 10g - £27
    • AVON MagiX HD Finishing Powder, 10g  - £10.50

    I have been using my NARS powder for about 6 months and without much thought really.   In case you don't know this is a bit of a cult product.  It's a white loose powder and I quote "fused with 'Photochromic Technology' to diffuse light and adjust to new sources of light.  Fine lines, wrinkles and pores optically fade and skin is visibly smoothed..."

    Quite bold claims for a powder.  To be honest until I purchased the AVON MagiX HD Finishing Powder I hadn't really taken much notice of how the NARS Light Reflecting Powder was performing.  It was just the normal daily routine of YSL foundation, concealer and then powder to 'set'

    So the AVON powder comes into my make-up kit and claims; "Pores, lines and shine are instantly blurred, as if by magic, with our translucent, colourless suits-all formula".  Again big claims, but at better than half the price of NARS... no mention of 'Photochromic Technology' though!

    So I felt I  had to do a compare,  to establish if my AVON powder is a dupe for the NARS one.

    First impressions,  they are sounding the same and the packing is similar.

    One of the main differences I could see in the pot is they are both different shades of white.  The AVON one  is a really bright talcum powder shade of white and the NARS one looks a softer shade.

    On the skin

    As I said earlier before I had been applying the NARS powder but not really looking to see if it was in fact blurring my fine lines.  It blends away beautifully and really does disappear and is very very fine - this is where I expect the extra money is spent.  Plus it really does appear to me at least to to blur my frown lines.  And to think I had been using this for other 5 months and never really thought - does this work?

    The AVON one goes on well but is a bit chalky and needs more blending so as not to make you look overly pale, it has more of a tendency to sit on my skin and look a bit dusty, unlike the  NARS one.  It does also seem to soften the lines but not as much as the NARS one.

    I can't say either that one sets my base/make-up better than the other.  On both I like the packaging and that neither add colour to my face.  I think if you are going to be applying a powder then you should opt for one with a bit more to it, i.e. line blurring and apply it with a brush (neither of these come with a sponge - which I always throw away)

    These are both good, if I had to choose between them the NARS one is the one for me,  but the AVON one does a fine job too.  Depends on your budget and how much blurring you need! : )

    PS. I would love to hear you tips on how you prep your skin and *set your base... please.

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