Monday, 28 November 2016

7th Heaven - Finger Masques

Spa Therapy for your nails & cuticles

7th Heaven are Montagne Jeunesse who I know from their face masques.  They have a very fun website which you should check out.  They also have a useful timer on the website so you can read your favourite blogs whilst your masque does it work.
There products are approved by the Vegetarian Society and cruelty free - yeh to that!

This pack came to me courtesy of my You Beauty November Beauty Box .  I had never heard of them before so was very  excited to try them out.

I like to keep my nails fairly long,  and to keep them strong they need moisture.  As you will see from the pictures later in the post they are on the yellow side so 90% of the time they are painted - but when I feel I can I have a nail varnish holiday and go polish free and and let them 'breathe'.   Of course you can and should still apply hand and nail products when nails are painted but bare nails will drink in the moisture and longterm they will thank you for it  - ie. less breaks/flakes/splits.

Out of the packet - 10 individual pockets 

Each pocket/masques contains Argan and Macadamia oils plus pomegranate. 

I washed my hands first and applied a light hand cream and then popped a masque on each finger. The instructions say leave on for 15 mins, I didn't check the time but I think I left them on for the right time.

Each hands worth (5) are joined together but have perforated edges so they separate.

During treatment - fingers still work!

15 minutes or so  laterr I removed them and was impressed with the results.  I massaged the remaining product into each nail, concentrating on the nail bed as I feel this stimulates growth.

After - smoother and moisturised nails :) 

I am going to resist applying any polish today.  My nails feel lovely and soft and stroke-able (if that is such a word?), my cuticles feel really nourished too.  The better the general condition of your nails the better your manicure will last.

A big Thumbs up from BeautyBoo44!

I have never tried anything like these  before and am very impressed, these will be something I would purchase again and they will make great gifts - looks like they are in Primark too.


Monday, 21 November 2016

Glow on, Glow on, Glow on! BareMinerals Glow Pads

Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment

As we get older cell renewal slows down, and skin can appear duller, mine certainly does.  So exfoliation is the key.  There are plenty of products on the market that can help. bareMinerals Intensive Glow Pads 60 Pads  are a very lazy and fuss free way to help brighten your complexion.

As with many things I wasn't looking to buy these but first off the rather lovely box attracted me.  I have tried a similar product before, this pot is for 60 so a couple of months as I will be using them each night.

Each pad is infused with product (vitamins and minerals) which increase cell turnover.  Each side is textured,  one side rougher than the other, so good on the side of the nose and on my open pores.

I have been using them for a week and I am noticing a marked improvement in the appearance of my skin tone and texture - it certainly looks more even and a recent mark caused by a stubborn spot has definitely faded, so I am pleased.

I have changed my beauty routine in the last week to try and give the skin on my face and neck a winter boost.  Currently it goes like this:
  • Twice a week - Dermal roller on my frown lines - post coming soon
  • Weekly - Collagen sheet mask - link to post
  • Each night - BareMinerals Glow Pads
  • Daily - Dr Hauschka Regenerating Serum, Eye, Day and Neck Cream - post coming soon
  • Daily - SPF50 come rain or shine.

(we should all be using an SPF but if you don't and you start to use anything containing any AHA you must add SPF to your daily routine).

Keep on glowing!  💋  


Monday, 14 November 2016

You Beauty Box - November

You Beauty Box - November 2016 Box

This month I signed back up to the You Beauty Box and opted for Silver subscription

You Beauty offer three memberships :
  1. Bronze - £6.95 you choose 2 products
  2. Silver - £8.95 you choose 3 products
  3. Gold - £10.95 you choose 4 products
For my November box I choose:
  • Technic Eyeshadow 6's Nude
  • Simple Cleansing Oil
  • Frankincense & Rose Face Cream
On top of this the November 'extra treats' were:
  • Kenzo Flower by Kenzo tester
  • 7th Heaven nail and cuticle finger masques
  • Pop Bands - one red, one silver
  • A Leonie Saliba Gift Card

Stand out Product  - Frankincense & Rose Face Cream

This was my first pick - 50ml sample size, so quite generous, and the packaging is really robust.  I've not heard of this brand before but this is their best selling product.  It smells divine so is going to be very wearable but no SPF, so I think I will use it as a night cream.  It is made in the UK, paraben free

My second Pick - Simple Cleansing Oil

Normally I would choose a new product but I was starting to run a bit low on cleanser and this is a good travel size.  It's not greasy and does the job - Simple!

Finger masque, pop bands and eyeshadows 

The eyeshadows were my third pick.  Now I don't really need any but these are my sort of colours and a good travel size.  In hindsight the Bronze membership (2 products) would have been better for this month, but you have to sign up before you see what's on offer.

The other items I could have chosen were:
  • Anti Blemish Mud Mask - (why No? - my skin is dry)
  • Ooh Argan Face Oil - (why No? - I've got a lot of face oils already)
  • Emma Bridgewater Body Wash - (why No? I was tempted)
  • Dr Hauschka - Body Wash and Hand Duo - (why No? I  have just treated myself to a starter pack of this brand)
  • Gin & Tonic and Baby Powder Cologne Spay - (why No? The box included Kenzo sample)

Two of the bonus treats are worth a special mention - the nail masques (not tried yet ) and the Pop Bands, I am a big Pop Band fan - check out my review here.

The You Beauty box comes with a mini magazine about all of the products and usually some money off coupons/offers.

I just love beauty boxes - what's your favourite?


Korean Beauty : Collagen Cellulose Sheet Mask

Collagen Sheet Masks

❤️Sheet masks
❤️Korean Beauty products
❤️Trying new things
❤️Shop, shop, shop online

These sheets masks have ticked all the right boxes - even before use :)

I ordered these  Mediheal Collagen Impact Essential Mask 10 Sheets Korean Skin Care Cosmetics via Amazon at the same time as the Rice Water Cleanser  - link to the review.

First off the packaging is great, I just loved the box straight away and inside each mask is as equally well packaged.

Check out the graphics!

Theses masks are a sheet cellulose mask so really easy to unwrap and smooth onto your face; with this on all the wrinkles etc were hidden my skin looked super smooth a bit like a robot - oh for plastic super smooth skin!

The mask itself was not too wet so I could quite happily get on with other things i.e. talk to the dog, do some writing, play candy crush, whilst the mask was doing its thing.

info in English

As you can see from the picture above the mask is sounding pretty good.

My skin is super stressed at the moment as I haven't been sleeping or eating well and not drinking any water  : (  I know I need to start looking after myself.... these are going to be part of the plan.

They come in a box of 10 ten and this is sheet number one, so I hope with a diet etc overhaul plus a sheet mask a week I should be looking (and feeling) better by the end of 2016.

Back to the review - I left this on for about 20 mins, it hadn't dried out but I was ready to take off my robot mask!  As I do after any sheet mask, I massaged the remaining product into my face and neck and even had some left for my hands.

My skin felt lovely after a nice clean smell and dewy soft.   Looking forward to using the other nine.


Monday, 7 November 2016

Rice Rice Baby... Korean Rice

The Face Shop - Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam 150ml

Korean Cosmetics, The Face Shop, Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam 150ml Korean cleansing foam with rice water.  Very excited to write a review on this.  I ordered via Amazon which have a good selection of Korean beauty products.

This is from The Face Shop, the retailer are Beauty Shop and the Rice Water Bright included a free sample of Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream which was an unexpected bonus :)

Back to the review.  This is called a cleansing foam, however when you squeeze it out it is like a cream, the instructions (thankfully some in English) tell you to mix it with water to create the foam.  
You only need to use a tiny amount, less than the size of a penny and at first you might think not that foamy, but the more you gently massage your face the more foamy it gets.

It's very pleasant to use and whilst I avoided the eye area, I did get a bit in my eyes and it didn't sting.  The smell is very pretty, best description is lightly fragranced and soap like.  I always do a double cleanse, and my skin certainly felt very clean afterwards, almost squeaky clean but not dry.  

After a few days of use my skin is behaving itself, no dry patches or breakouts so I am quite happy with this.  It is going to last for ages too, so I am now being more generous with it and using it for my neck and décolletage.

Panda's Dream White Magic Cream

My free sample - thank you, so here is a bonus review of that:

First off cute packaging and I've seen the full size you get a panda shaped pot!

No instructions on the sample (unless you read Korean) but do you really need any to apply a face cream?

First impressions, it's white and the same consistency as Nivea cream but oh my it smelt lovely, seriously lovely.

Here is a link to the Tony Moly site, the product is meant to whiten your skin, of course too small a sample to tell.

That's it! Short and sweet - see you later x 

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