Saturday, 29 October 2016

Retro Post : Anne French Deep Cleansing Milk

I always used to use this as a teenager and when I recently spotted this on the very bottom shelf at my local Boots I took a step back in time and purchased it (£3.99).

Step back in time

I had forgotten how good this stuff is, nice and easy to use and of course that lovely fresh smell.  It also contains a light moisturiser so leaves my (quite dry) skin slightly moisturised after use which is a bonus.

I used it to cleanse one half of my face (not the eyes) and on the over I used my Clarins cleanser.  Both cleansers seemed to remove the same about, but the Anne French one is a third of the cost :) Also it is just really nice to use,  it's a milk so feels refreshing on the skin and you really don't need very much.

I am definitely going to keep buying it, so glad I rediscovered it.  Next I'll be seeking out Ponds Cold Cream &  Flex Shampoo!!

What's your favourite retro beauty product?


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