Saturday, 27 August 2016

KIKI Health - Natures Super Food & Alkaline Infusion

KIKI Alkaline Infusion and Nature's Living Superfood

Been trying this combo for over a month.

*sigh* Once a month I have a terrible time, my cravings for bad sweet things are so out of control. I say once a month but it can be once a month, a fortnight, 8 weeks or 3 months!  If you are of a certain age you may well understand...  This must be due in part to my age and hormones so I have been researching any supplements I can take and am glad to have found KIKI Health.

I read somewhere that green 'Superfoods' could benefit time of the month cravings , so I plumped for the Natures  Living Superfood and I am always, always looking at ways to boost collagen so the Alkaline Infusion ticked a lot of boxes, please do go to the KIKI website as they can tell you all about the benefits.  

Alkaline Infusion - It taste nice and you add 2 teaspoons to water and mix it up, a pleasant taste, slightly fruity.  Nature's Living Superfood - its green!  I struggled more with this one, I started putting 1 teaspoon in a glass but I didn't like the taste much, so I started to add the powder to just a little water and down it in one!  I've had no negative effects, my bowel is happy :) & no burps!! (sorry but I felt it needed to be mentioned).

Benefits - the real test for me would be the time of the month, however I have noticed that my skin is a lot smoother, and the puffiness under my eyes less so.  Now this could be in part to the extra water I am taking, or it could be this duo?  I do feel like I am doing myself some good which is always a nice feeling, plus I am finding it really easy to stick to my healthy(ish) eating.

That time of the month

The run up - I had NO cravings and I didn't binge at all!!  During the week I did relax my diet a bit but not in that crazy obsessive way that cravings have, but due to other things going on in my life, and I had a few meals out so wanted to treat myself.  Bottom line - I am out of the other side and not a chocolate binge in sight.

I am sold, and have now got used to the taste of the Nature's Living Superfood.  I will certainly be continuing with this combo.   If everything goes wrong next month , I update this post but I really am optimistic.


Monday, 22 August 2016

Egg White Bubble Cleanser by MIZON

Korean beauty products

I've been reading a lot about Korean beauty products and the brand MIZON seem to come up a lot. So I was really Eggcited! to receive this cleanser from Cult Beauty

You get 150ml and I paid £19.00 so will have to see how long it lasts and then do the beauty maths for value for money - I will be using this once a day and once it runs out will update this post with the Beauty Maths and my overall rating  ie. would I buy it again?  Comes in a carton with English instructions etc on the side, no instructions on the bottle itself but not really needed but personally I always read the labels, it's all part of the fun of trying something new.  The box says 3 to 4 pumps  - I do a double cleanse so use 1 pump each time, and its plenty.  It does not smell eggy!!  Pleasant perfume smell, just enough, any more would be a tad to much, not a natural smelling product, but I do like the smell.  Really creamy I like the texture, creamy not foamy.  I have a Clarisonic but think it would be almost too creamy for that. 

I've been using it for a week and no breakouts, or signs of any white heads.  It does take off all my foundation but not my eye make up.  I have tried it gently on my eyes and it shifted some of it but not all - but I do wear smudge proof eyeliner and mascara.

A week in and I am enjoying it.  I'm really interested in the brand MIZON so will be reviewing some more of their products soon.

Do please let me know if you have tried any.


Popbands - super cute hair bands


I love these they are so cute.

These are a really kind way to tie back your hair, but they also look pretty on your wrists, although I often get asked what they mean!  The plain pack were 50p cheaper than the 'Unicorn' pack and the 'Nerd' pack (grey with glasses).  I like them all but am always drawn to pink.

They leave your hair kink free which is a bonus and last a while before they loose there elasticity.

A quick buy to raise a smile. X

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hawaiian Tropic Body Mist haul

Summer Time Fragrances 

I love the brand Hawaiian Tropic it was the first product I ever purchased for anti-ageing - "Baby Faces & Tenders Places".  It was the 80's and SPF in moisturisers were a long way off, so good girl that I was I started using this, every day,  I'm so glad I did.

So back to the here and now!  There are 4 of these Body Mists:

Pink - Sun-kissed Dreams - lotus flowers and musk
Blue - Summer Dreams - passion flowers, mango and musks
Yellow  - Golden Paradise - coconut
Purple - Island Resort - orchid and pomegranate

I like them all the yellow one is nice but does smell a bit too much like suntan lotion for me.  My current favourite is the Blue, closely followed by the Pink, then Yellow least Purple (which is still very wearable)

These were on offer at Superdrug the four cost me £29, but I had just run out of perfume and fancied a change and now I have 4 x 250ml - 1 litre of lovely smells should last me to the end of the summer and well into Autumn.  Also because each one only cost me £7.50 I know I will use it at least once a day - I tend to have a habit of saving expensive perfume for best, and then I  hardly ever end up wearing any!  At this price it feels affordable.

Remember -not sun protection, no SPF's just lovely smells : )

Enjoy! xx


Monday, 15 August 2016

Neocell Beauty Bursts - Collagen sweets!

Why?  Collagen

It's what we all want and need to keep our skin soft and plump, also good for joints too. I've tried a lot of products including drinks but been unable commitment to them long term as the cost is too prohibited.  So, when I heard about these NeoCell Beauty Bursts (Super Fruit Punch, 60 Soft Chews) I knew I needed to try them.  Mine came via Amazon (I was about £15.00 for a packet of 60 - and there were 60,  I counted ;)

First off - YUM! I love the taste, they are very fruity and chewy (but not in a losing teeth kind of way). I have been 2  every day after supper which satisfies my sweet tooth. They have 4g of natural sugars in them, so they are sweet.  They contain Type 1&3 Collagen + Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid.  The collagen comes from bovine hides, so they are not vegetarian.

Benefits?  My skin does look smoother and more even, no reduction in the fine lines and not noticed anything with my nails - which are generally quite strong.  However... I have very dry over processed hair.  I wasn't really thinking about my hair when I started to take these but 2 weeks in I noticed how much better my hair felt when it was washed (still wet), I haven't changed any of my hair care products.  Dried it as normal and it looks really smooth, it lies better.

These are no hardship to take, and I look forward to my sweet treat so I have just order 2 more bags.  Beauty Maths 45p per day.

Neo cell website

If you have tried them or the other flavour, mint I think do please leave me a comment.

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