Monday, 6 August 2018

The Timeless Truth about Sheet Masks*

Sheet Masks

Hurrah! for the easy peasy (no more squeezy) sheet mask.  Before sheet masks came along you had to apply your face mask from either a jar/tube etc (not the hardest job in the world!) but sheet masks are just so much easier...

One of the many things I love about sheet masks is the fact that they never let you down.  By which I mean as each mask is individually packed they don't dry up or go off - a perfect mask each and every time πŸ˜€.
Timeless Truth Sheet masks

Think about it, how many times have you started a face mask with every intention to use it at least once a week; but when you do get round to opening it again you find it has all but dried out?

Sheet masks whilst they do make you look like a horror film extra are a breeze to use and give you an instant dose of hydration to pep up your mind, skin and spirits.

Super convenient to use just take it out of the packet and apply it to your face.  I find that once on they stay in place so I can either get on with my day (but remember to avoid neighbours, postman and small children), or have a well-earned rest.

(Cockapoos  πŸΆ seem unfazed by them)

My kind of menu

Timeless Truth Sheet Masks menu information card
Timeless Truth (award winnersπŸ†) offer a whole range of sheet masks covering all skin types:

Black Charcoal Masks 

Charcoal, which is super good at drawing dirt and grubbiness out of your pores has its own section of Time Truth sheet masks, and guess what - they are BLACK!

The one I recently tried also contained gold leaf -  bling it on!  It left my skin super hydrated afterwards - it really left my skin with a glow.

!! WARNING - scary blogger photo below!!
Timeless Truth Black Charcoal gold hydrating sheet mask

Soft Touch Series

Designed to meet your skin needs and made of cotton.

Under the banner 'anti-ageing' there is a collagen one which of course delighted me.  Another lovely mask to use.

The Collagen Q10 Perfecting Peptide mask left my skin feeling super spoilt, plumped and hydrated after use.
Timeless Truth Collagen and Q10 Sheet Mask

Bio-Cellulose Masks

These masks are made of bio-cellulose fibre which fit your skin like... a second skin.  The close fit ensures that the masks contents only has one way to go - into your skin.

Partial masks

Sometimes you just need a little extra help?  Hands, feet, chest, lips and eyes all have a specialised sheet mask.

I recently tried the eye mask, a bio-cellulose mask with collagen which was super hydrating and left my ageing eye area looking brighter.
Timeless Truth Partial mask bio cellulose collagen eye mask
Timeless Truth - have a fab range,  truly a mask for everyone.  To browse the Timeless Truth range head over to

I try and apply a mask once a week, and always take at least one on holiday with me (another plus of sheet masks, really portable).

But.... When do you use yours?

*post includes PR sample


Monday, 30 July 2018

New rules for exfoliation


You more than likely already know that earlier this year the UK government introduced a ban on the use of plastic microbeads in the manufacture of some cosmetic products.

A full ban on the sale of products containing microbeads came into force this month.

Of course what the ban doesn't do is stop anyone using any microbead products already purchased.  The only people that can enforce that ban is us, the end user.

It was my choice of course but I decided I would stop using them (as opposed to using them up).  I binned the contents and then recycled/binned the empty packaging.  My home is microbead free.

Summer skin

I don't know about you but my skin has been playing up a bit recently during the rather lovely (and unusual for the UK) very hot weather.  I have been suffering from a lot of milia, blackheads and spots...

I mainly blame the heat and that I am seldom not wearing foundation.  However, I  also think I might need to change my SPF to an oil-free or mineral based one.

To combat my skin now I need to up my exfoliation game to deal with the problem, and that is where a decent exfoliator comes in to play.

Post microbead purge - time to go shopping πŸ˜€ for a new exfoliator, which led me to purchase Modern Friction by Origins.

Modern Friction (nature's gentle dermabrasion)

Origins (part of Estee Lauder) have been around since the 1990s.  I remember when they first appeared and were a bit of a cult brand, now they are well established.

I purchased quite a small tube of Modern Friction (50ml) which cost me £11.75 from the Cosmetics Company Store at Bicester Shopping Village.

Amongst other things it contains rice starch, aloe and lemon oil.  It is highly fragranced (of lemons) which is a nice zingy smell.

Not for daily use, Origins recommend using a couple of times a week.  You can either apply the paste like substance direct to your skin and then massage, or apply it diluted with a little water.

I add water as I find the paste a little difficult to move.  Whichever way you do it you need to rinse it off with lots of water.

Not that you should use this around your eyes but be careful as I did get some in my eyes (during rinsing) and it really stung.

I have only just started to use this so haven't seen any results yet.  I am hoping that adding this into my routine with some daily exfoliation (via a glycolic face wash.. to be reviewed later) the milia will start to shift... or I may have to go and have them extracted.


For more information on the ban on microbeads click HERE

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